200 POSTS!

February 4, 2016

 Hey-oh! Today marks my 200th post! I am going to treat this day like a birthday so...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, little bloggie blog!  

Here are my top favorite 20 posts of all time. If you want to check them out, feel free!

1. Tips to Stay Married
2. Seven Southern Sayings You've Never Uttered
3. Single Girl Budget
4. 7 Mistakes Single Girls Make
5. Getting the Most Out of Premarital Counseling
6. Casual Dating & Me
7. How to Be a Good Roommate
8. Just for Now
9. Organization: Tips & Tricks
10. Pawpaw
11. How to Start Fresh After a Move
12. Decorate Without Damage
13. Tips for Organizing Your Blog Life
14. Dealing With a Big Life Change
15. Growing Your Blog
16. Things I've Learned from Divorce
17. Dating in Adulthood
18. I'm Going to be Thirty
19. Letter to my Single Self
20. Getting My Life Back

Thank you to those who read, read consistently, and take your time out to comment!

Happy Thursday, xx. 

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