December 31, 2013

This year has been a great one. It has been great in good ways and in bad.

In 2013...

1. I experienced the happiness of seeing my niece grow and turn 1!
2. I experienced the heartbreak of my marriage ending...
3. I landed on my own two feet and have made steps forward.
4. I have lived on my own successfully for over 7 months.
5. I have enjoyed my family this year and depended on them more than ever.
6. I created "Melissa Faye - The Blog" and soft launched my VA business.
7. I joined Mary Kay and actually sold some stuff.
8. I learned what love meant and sure as hell what it doesn't mean.
9. I received the good news that my sister, brother in law, and niece are moving closer to us.
10. I saw struggles being triumphed.
11. I made the decision that I control what makes me happy.
12. I learned that I am me and I shouldn't apologize for it.
13. I learned that my co-workers are some of my greatest friends.
14. I experienced the best of both worlds - married & single.

What was your year like?

CHEERS to 2014 and let's make it a damn good one!


December 30, 2013

Blogging has been one of my favorite past times since 2007. I had a very small blog, mainly a personal diary for a couple of years, then back in 2010 I decided to expand my blog into something more. I had a previous blog (before this one) that focused mainly on my personal life/married life/faith/recipes/etc. It was great, but since my life has changed so much I decided to go another direction.

This coming year I have decided to go another direction with my blog. I wouldn't say my blog will all of the sudden become more unique. I am not really pulling out all of the stops. I have decided to blog for the enjoyment and to blog about things that I care about. Blogging has become so much of what I thought it wouldn't. I honestly wasn't focused on making money on this blog (although that would be nice). I am not focused on getting that plaid scarf (although I do love it) and prancing around town taking photos of myself wearing it. I have decided to be who I am. I have tried those 'other blogger' things before and it just doesn't work.

I have a story and I have a voice and that is what matters. While I engage in social media, I am more concerned with creating authentic relationships with other bloggers/readers. I think that's important. Maybe someday I can sport an outfit that is worth taking several photos of. Maybe someday I will have a pinteresty wedding that I can post here and wow all of you single ladies (I really would too). For now, I just enjoy sharing bits and pieces of my life and what I think about this and that.

I love blogs that offer something visually as well as something original. I hope to offer that as well in some small way. While I would love to have content that is a bit more complex, this is just where I am right now. Feel free to follow along.

I may even have a new blog design in the next couple of months. It's all about simplifying in these parts.


December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas one and all! I hope your day is filled with laughter, great food, and good times with friends & family. We had our Christmas with my sister, brother-in-law and 19 month old niece yesterday. My niece doesn't quite grasp "Christmas morning", but next year we think she will be primed and ready for her first real "Santa came" experience. Above you'll see my Christmas day necessities complete with delicious treats (Cranberry Bliss Bar), "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", Christmas PJ's, and a cozy place to relax and take in the sites and sounds of Christmas. 

What are your plans? I hope its filled with a little relaxation after the kiddos rip open their packages!

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December 23, 2013

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December 20, 2013

The happiest holidays to you all! I will be taking a little break from blogging while I pack and prepare to spend time with my loved ones.

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December 16, 2013

I am not sure if its the looming Christmas season or just the influx of births happening in my world, but I have officially entered into baby fever. I see photos on Facebook of little ones dressed up by mommies and daddies and posing with Santa (although some look straight up terrified). I saw myself having that life by now, but God knows that He is preparing my heart for that very thing someday.

I feel almost strange admitting that I have baby fever as a single woman. I thought it only applied to married women (pure ignorance, I know). I have a beautiful niece whom I love and she is growing like a weed. I can only imagine the heartache a mother feels as she sees her tiny baby walking, talking, and feeding one self. I miss the bottle feeding and the burping. I miss the occasional stare that breaks into the most gut wrenching, puddle on the floor smile. I miss her look of wonder at everything from a TV to a light bulb. I also miss the ability to hold her without her squirming out of my arms.

Having experienced divorce doesn't kill this desire to be a mother. The thought once terrified me, but I am not ashamed to say that I was born to be a mother and someday, I will be one. I hope it passes quickly. I do not want to be on a date and then blurt out, "Hey, by the way nice shirt, and if you're interested in children I would like 5...um yesterday..." Yeah, I am pretty sure that wouldn't go over too well. The truth is, I just feel this crazy amount of love inside. I know its there, and I know its meant for my husband-to-be, heck family-to-be. It's there just brewing and growing and chiseling its way into my heart. I don't know if I am the only one that feels this way, but for now its comforting. Its letting me know that my heart isn't dead and its meant to love those people someday.

I pray that this feeling is directed to the right man at the right time. As a woman, I think God creates us to nurture people and things. I think we are given this unique ability to desire to build a family so we can do just that. I also believe that my ability to have a family didn't die with my failed marriage. Its very much alive and well.


December 11, 2013

Tree Top  |  Sled & Wreath | Christmas Tree | Garland
December is here, which means it's time for some Christmas decor inspiration. While perusing Pinterest I came across some unique and beautiful Christmas decor ideas. I do not have a lot of Christmas decor this year, but after Christmas I plan to hit Hobby Lobby, Target, anywhere and everywhere to stock up for next year. I am loving gold and striped bows this year. I will definitely be investing in a similar look for next year. I tend to gravitate towards the rustic look like the sled & wreath you see pictured. I also love the simplicity of a small tree adorned with a few ornaments and paper wrapped packages underneath. This year I wasn't able to put up any garland in my apartment, but I love the look. It seems to bring the outdoors in.

What are your Christmas decor favorites?

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December 10, 2013

It's never easy to buy gifts for everyone in your family. Personally, I enjoy the idea of giving a bunch of small things that are useful, meaningful, or quirky. The items pictured above would please anyone in your bunch - picky or not. I am an avid user of the Mary Kay Cream Eye Color and use it as a primer under my eye shadow. It can also be worn alone for a subtle shimmer. The Mary Kay At Play Baked Eye Trio is perfect for someone who may not want to wear a lot of make up or want to clutter up their bathroom cabinet with different shades. The colors are perfect for the holiday season! Gift sets (like this one + this one) are perfect for those who may want to use several products over time. The Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for legs + feet is seriously amazing. It feels great and the minty smell gives you a spa-like experience. Great for men and women! Lastly, the Mary Kay at Play Lip Crayon is a simple way to give color without it being overwhelmingly thick or sticky. This line is great for teenagers!

To order you can visit my personal website, Facebook page, or email
 Hurry to have your gifts arrive before Christmas!


December 9, 2013

I know that 2013 is still here, but it's winding down and considering the past year, I am ready to focus my mind on things to come. 2013 did not turn out how I pictured. In fact, it's ending a lot differently than I anticipated when 2012 was winding down. The truth is, I am a single gal therefore my goals for next year will be surrounded around someone new, ME.

When you're married your goals tend to be collective between the two of you. Things that were once about you no longer are. Well, now I am experiencing the opposite. Below you will see a list of things I DO plan on accomplishing. Seriously. There really are some good reasons behind them as well. Now, these might be all over the place so don't think one takes precedence over another. All of these items are important.

1. Focus more of my attention on Christ & others versus myself.
2. Do more of the things that inspire me.
3. Take care of myself physically by eating healthful foods, exercising regularly, and getting more consistent sleep.
4. Set a TO DO list of three to four things that are manageable everyday. Be sure that it includes at least one household chore.
5. Watch only three TV shows per week and focus more on reading. (No more 6 hour Netflix marathons).
6. Design a space in my apartment that showcases my interests and inspirations.
7. Learn one new skill per month: web design, crafting, sewing, Excel, and/or recipe.
8. Create a schedule that emphasizes productivity and not time wasters.
9. Settle into a church home both in Alabama and in Georgia (parents live in Georgia).
10. Meet bloggers in real life.
11. Try a new restaurant.
12. Go on an actual date and/or meet new people.
13. Do one kindness gesture at least once a month.
14. Have a party at my place. I am thinking wine tasting or casual cocktail party.

I think 14 is a good number for 2014. I tried not to overwhelm myself and I want to choose things that are realistic, productive, and enjoyable. I plan on enjoying this next year, so in order to do so I really need to start taking care of myself. All of the items above combine all of the elements that make a person healthy. I have spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional items that are good for the soul, body, and mind. I certainly don't want to let go just because I experienced something painful this year. Life must go on as they say.

The main push behind my physical health is 1, I want to feel better and 2, I have my 10 year high school reunion coming up next fall. I want to feel and look my best so I can rub it in everyone's faces. Kidding... But seriously. I also noticed a lot of time in my life is wasteful and could be better spent doing things I enjoy and that challenge me. I love me some Netflix, but if I am watching 4,5, or 6 hours at a time on the weekends, it's a little excessive. I mean once a month or so is fine, but no more than that. Now, as far as dating goes. We shall see. I haven't exactly stepped with both feet in on that one. We will have to see how the year pans out in that area. Meeting bloggers is another goal of mine because I think its so important to surround myself with people of similar interests. If you are in AL or GA, please email me (melissafayeblog (at) gmail (dot) com). I would love to set something up! Trying new things such as a new skill or hobby is really good for being productive while being challenged. I don't really know if I am crafty per say, but I am willing to take a whack at it.

What about you? Have you already set out to achieve some things next year?


December 4, 2013

I actually really love Winter. It's so cozy and beautiful, especially if there is snow. Not an enormous amount of snow, but just enough to stick. Down here in the south we don't experience a whole lot of snow, which is why I pin so many winter time pins. Today I am linking up with Fancy Things + Let it Be Beautiful for Four Favorites. Link up and join in!

+to see all of the above links, please check out my Winter pinterest board!


December 2, 2013

I am still recovering from my long Thanksgiving break (5 days?!) and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well. I must say Thanksgiving pales in comparison to Christmas, but spending time with family is always a great thing! I spent my time eating, relaxing, and catching up on my favorite shows. I even braved the TJ Maxx of a very small town for some kinda sorta Black Friday shopping. I didn't really get anything, but browsing was nice. All of the stores are decorated for Christmas, and there is just something so cozy about Christmas decor, dontcha think?

I put up my humble little tree last night and I have to say I am pretty proud of it. It leans slightly and is missing a tree skirt, but its all mine and I think it's cute. That little Chalkboard tree ornament I made in the 1st grade. Adorbs, right?

How was your Thanksgiving? Do you have your tree up yet?