March 9, 2016

FEELING: Right now I am feeling semi-rested and definitely less stressed than I have in weeks past Last week was filled with travel for work and I feel like I was all over the state! Well, technically I was. I went to Savannah, McDonough, Atlanta, Birmingham, all in one week. It was tiring, so last Friday night I went to bed at 6 and took about a 4 hour nap, got up to take a shower, and went back to bed. That was my wild Friday night. I am also feeling very motivated to research going back to school to get a second Master's degree, in which would lead me to become a licensed counselor recognized by the state. I feel like it has really been on my heart lately, and I feel as though the Lord may be opening the doors. I am wanting to do "more" everyday than what I am doing. I really want to help people. My main desire is to help those struggling with anxiety & depression, although I have a strong pull toward marriage & family counseling. I will update you as I know more!

WATCHING: I have been watching The Bachelor (only the last few minutes since I get so angered by that show), all the Chicago's (P.D., Med, Fire), Law & Order SVU, Mysteries of Laura, and Pretty Little Liars. Of course, I make time for Scandal, House of Cards, and How to Get Away with Murder when I have the time. 

THANKFUL FOR: A long weekend coming up! I could use the rest and relaxation. This past weekend I did a lot of resting too, and that really helped me recoup from my busyness at work. I am also thankful for my friends & co-workers who have talked me off of the ledge. When I feel really overwhelmed, it isn't always pretty, but they have been so supportive!

THINKING ABOUT: Honestly, I have been thinking a lot about going back to school, and my goals for the future. I will be 30 in June, and I would like to set out to do what I have always wanted while I am still young. I think if this is the right move for me, those doors will open. I also have been thinking a lot about the relationships in my life and how I can better them. I think having a strong support system is really important. In this phase of life, it's hard to make good friends, or to balance everything I am involved in, but I want to do better!

EATING: I have been eating out a lot more due to my busy schedule. I probably should make a grocery trip soon. I also have paused my Home Chef meals because I am hardly home to cook them. It just gets harder and harder when I am gone 3+ days/nights a week. Next week and moving forward I will get the meals again and start cooking at home. Until then, it's all about Chick-Fil-A, Panera, and Jason's Deli. At least it's semi-healthy, right??

READING: I just bought some books on Amazon, actual books I can hold, and I am so excited. I am working through my Audible books and with my traveling this week, I should be able to get through a big chunk of them. It will feel nice to hold a book in my hand and read before bed. I'll do a review of the books as soon as I am finished!

LOVING: I am loving consignment shops lately. I have not been a big consignment shopper, but Columbus has some really great stores! I have seen so many Loft, Banana Republic, and other brands I love, and it just feels great to spend $8 rather than $88 on a shirt! 

So, how are you doing? Let's catch up on Coffee Talk!

Happy Wednesday, xx!