2018 GOALS

January 10, 2018

unsplash-logoJess Watters
Every year I say the year has flown by, but 2017? Yeah, that year flew by and I almost forgot to post my goals for 2018! I hate when I do that.

This past year you can recap here in this post, but 2017 was one for the books. I can say I gained a lot of clarity in various areas of my life, but I still have a lot of unanswered questions. I can say that this year I am more hopeful and motivated than I have been in many, many years. Just this week I am working over my normal hours (typically 12-15) at my part time job to get me ahead on some of my bills (may get between 25-30 additional to the 40 I already work). This year financially will be triumphant. I can feel it!
unsplash-logoBruno Nascimento

I really wanted to keep my goals simple, reasonable, and attainable. I hate the feeling of shame I get when I over-commit. I tend to give up too quickly and feel down on myself. NOT this year!

I keep these goals on my Notes app so they are always accessible and ready to be checked off!

1. Run a mile without stopping (haven't done this since high school)
2. Host Fresh Friends (my 3 babes and I have an inside joke about our group name) in Nashville
3. Take a weekend trip to Chicago (I'm only a 7 hour drive away)
4. Pay off at least two credit cards
5. Save up $500
6. Eat healthier 6 days a week (doing so on my Weight Watchers app)
7. Attend church 3 times a month
8. Read Scripture daily (YouVersion app makes this easy)
9. Exercise and move my body 4 days a week
10. Journal regularly (not necessarily daily, but weekly is reasonable)
11. Budget and do not go beyond my means
unsplash-logoChristin Hume
What are your goals for 2018?


January 9, 2018

Warby Parker is an amazingly stylish eye wear company that releases new styles with each season. I personally haven't seen a more affordable option for eyeglasses, that also allows you to try on your glasses for 5 days! This is a service Warby Parker has been doing for years and it's free to try and free to ship back the ones you don't want!

The Spring 2018 has been released and I wanted to share my favorite frames with you! If you want to check out the Spring 2018 Collection for yourself, follow this link!

How cool are these frames that look like wood? And the gold metal?! I am IN!

Which ones are your favorite?

2017 WRAP UP

December 20, 2017

This year has definitely been one for the books. From moving to a new state and city, to leaving friends behind and making new ones, I have had my fair share of change and excitement. If you've been following along on this blog for some time, you know that the last 5 years or so haven't been the easiest. I don't think I've suffered more than anyone else, so please don't think that. I know that plenty of people have experienced loss, divorce, and death before. For me, it just seems to happen a lot more frequently than I'd like, but I can honestly say that I feel like I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Being 31 and having experienced what I have has made me who I am today.
This year as far as my anxiety goes, it has been better than many years passed. I feel like I have a handle on how my brain works when I am anxious and I have learned tools that help me to pinpoint what is actually anxiety and reality. No, the two aren't always related (isn't that fun?). I feel like with anxiety, you're more sensitive, on edge, and fearful. Things that normally wouldn't be a big deal are, and this year I feel more inclined to recognize when this is happening. I don't have the uneasiness I once did and I am working harder to come out of my shell around strangers and new people in my life.
Social media wise, things have been hard this year. I have felt attacked, belittled, and insignificant when it comes to my political and religious beliefs. These are things that are so personal and I don't share them with just anyone (although if you're my friend on Facebook you can see what I believe in). I hate the bashing that's gone on in all directions. It's so uncomfortable and the level is unnecessary (again referring to social media). I feel that so many people have become exactly what they say they hate (aka hateful). It's disheartening, but my hope is eternally in Jesus, and no one else. I don't think like a lot of people and my beliefs have and always will be different. I feel like my calling is to be in the world, but not of it. You do what you wish, but I don't have to be like you or think like you. Guess what? That's okay!
On the dating scene, things have been...interesting. I went on a few dates this year, but nothing worth mentioning. The dating pool is somewhat small, because again, politics. I have seen more people say, "Trump/Hillary supporters swipe left" than ever in my life. It certainly didn't feel that way the last election, but again, I digress (also see above). I am not trying to run away from the fact that it is this way, but it's just not me to be that way. I like to know all aspects of a person. If things don't align in some areas, that's fine. They just need to love Jesus and people. The rest is just preference. 
Financially, I would say this has been the best year. I am working toward stopping the credit card cycle and working to pay those balances off! I really hope for it be paid off sooner than later because I am tired and I have no social life 😃. But, this is the price to be paid. Don't rely on credit cards ever and have a budget. Simple. I've also ventured into owning my own business with SeneGence and it's so fun! I get paid to play with make up! (LipSense color is Blu-Red on my lips!)
This year has had its challenges, but it's had its amazing moments, too! Here's to bigger and better in 2018!

How was your year? Please share with me below!