January 31, 2014

So, its no surprise that we have had a fair share of winter weather this week. I live on the AL/GA line so a little bit of everything - freezing rain, sleet, and eventually a dusting of powdery snowflakes. What I didn't plan on seeing were the comments about how unprepared, ill-minded, and over-dramatic ATL was due to this winter storm madness. I saw comment after comment on Twitter, and eventually I just had to say screw it and move on.
Yes, it was just a little snow, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was black ice and a large population commuting to get home safely. This isn't the first time this has happened here. Every few years or so we are plagued with this kind of weather, and it's usually the same result every time. I don't wanna play the blame game, because really, that doesn't solve anything. Will this probably happen again? Yes. But ATL will survive and get through it, just as they always have. (Referencing Snow Jam '82, Blizzard of '93, and ice storms of every other year after).

I had some fun in the snow and I honestly enjoyed the days off. I was productive, but also took advantage of the relaxation time. I watched too many movies, ate chili, and drank way too much coffee. A couple of friends and I also ventured outside to take some "snow day" photos! Enjoy!
Excited much?!

Snow in the eyes. Feels great!
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 Have you enjoyed the snow?


January 30, 2014

I don't know about you, but I hate spending too much time on my make up during the weekend, unless I absolutely have to. If I have something fancy to do (which isn't often), then I will glam it up a bit, but day to day I tend to keep it simple. I try and let my skin breathe during the weekend since my skin is adorned for close to 14 hours a day.

My Skin: I have oily/combination skin and a lot of redness. I haven't been diagnosed with rosacea, but I feel like I may have it. I have a very pink undertone and very dark under eye circles. I tend to use foundation daily to cover up and even out my skin. I wear concealer under my eyes, on my eye lids, and at the corners of my nose. I have been break out free for close to 4 weeks (YAY!), so I haven't had as many blemishes to cover. The only time I have was for a couple of days during that time of the month.

1. Foundation: Mary Kay TimeWise Matte Wear Foundation
2. Concealer: Revlon Liquid Concealer
3. Powder: Covergirl Shine Control
4. Blush: Mary Kay Cream Blush
5. Eye Shadow: Mark Kay Cream Eyeshadow
6. Eye Liner: Maybelline Masterdrama Eyeliner
7. Mascara: Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
8. Lip Balm: EOS Mint Lip Balm

I go very subtle with the eyeliner since the brand I have is a bit thicker. I smudge it a little to give a messier look. The palette is quite neutral, as I really only want to show off my face and not so much my make up.

Skin Care: I start with clean skin, astringent, and moisturizer. I have been using Clearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Daily Scrub. I use that twice a day (morning & night), followed by Clearasil astringent, and then I moisturize with Mary Kay TimeWise Moisturizer. This routine has saved my life and I have been noticing a big difference.

I finish my make up by putting on some EOS lip balm (amazing) and that's it! I like that there isn't any color in the lip balm, but it keeps my lips soft and moisturized. It's been one of my essentials since we are experiencing some colder temps this month.

If you have any questions about my routine, leave them below!


January 29, 2014

+This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. Simple Bank does not know about this post, or who I am.

I have a new bank, and I am in love. I found Simple Bank via Facebook on a sponsored ad in my newsfeed. I saw the picture of the pretty white Simple card, and being that I am attracted to a simpler aesthetic I decided to click the ad.

I began reading about Simple and I got really excited. For one, I was a current Wells Fargo customer and was unhappy with the service, fees, etc. I don't have a branch nearby so I do all of my banking online anyway. Simple allows you to bank freely without being tied to a specific branch, or cluster of ATMs.
One of the first things that caught my eye was the ability to set aside money for specific purposes. Simple calls them "Goals" and they can be whatever you want. You can set aside money for your monthly rent, vacation, savings, credit card, loan, etc. Each day a little from your account gets transferred into the Goal account and you don't have to do a thing. It's all done for you. When you set up your Goal, you give it a name, an amount, and a time period you'd like to have your Goal amount saved. So, let's say you want to save up for a vacation. You want to set aside $700 in four months. Simple will calculate the daily amount to be set aside to save $700 in four months and it transfers the funds to that Goal account daily. In four months you have saved up $700 instantly. Isn't that awesome?!  The best part is, you can pause your Goal account, or archive it, and those funds will go right back into your "Safe to Spend" category.

The "Safe to Spend" category is like your available balance, but all of your pending or scheduled purchases are already calculated in. It's literally the amount of money you have that is safe to spend. No more having to calculate it in your head, it's done for you!

Another neat thing about Simple is their Customer Service. You can send a message (similar to an instant message) or you can call their Customer Service line and speak to someone in less than a minute. No need to search for their Customer Service number, it's right inside the app. You just click "Call Customer Service". I've literally not had to wait for longer than a minute to speak with a representative. They answer, I ask my question, and they answer it right then and there. They also talk to me like a person and not a client they are trying to impress. They tell me to have a "beautiful day", which I kind of love and I feel like they are really there for me. It's nice.

Need to send a check? No problem. You can send a check by mail for free straight from Simple. You put in the amount, the payee, and bam you can send a check instantly. It's pre-signed and authorized so the check is always accepted by vendors, bill collectors, friends, anyone at any bank!
Let's say you have a friend who is also a Simple customer. You can send money back and forth instantly with no fee. It's just like your transferring from your own account, that's how quick it is. You can also mobile deposit checks using your smart phone (which I love). If you need cash at any point you can go to one of the 55,000 fee free ATMs and withdrawal cash. On your smartphone you can find one of the fee free ATMs right in the Simple app. There are no overdraft, minimum, or monthly fees so you can rest easier knowing there are no surprises.
My favorite thing about Simple is the ability to budget my money right in the app. I need to see how much and where my money is going, and this has helped me spend much smarter. I also receive an alert to my smartphone every time I make a purchase. If something pops up I don't recognize, I can block my card right on the spot in the app and give Simple a call to resolve the issue. This comes in handy if you forget your card at a store or restaurant and unauthorized purchases are made. You can also block your card whenever you don't want to use it like on vacation or if you just need to restrict your spending. It's great!

If you have any questions about Simple, ask below!

If you're ready to sign up like I was, here's the link to get started!


January 28, 2014

I have been thinking about blogging lately and all that comes along with it. For some people it's an outlet to express their creative side. For others, it's a chance to promote and grow their business. For the rest of us, we are left scratching our heads trying to figure out what all of this is.

I have been feeling so convicted lately. Blogging can be rather self-serving and I know that I am not that interesting, so I have been wanting to make a few changes.

Here are some things that I have been observing and what emotions have been popping up the last couple of months.

01. When bloggers Instagram their super cute (somewhat pricy) outfits, I feel inadequate. First of all, I have not shopped in months and although I would love their wardrobe, its just not in my budget right now.
Tip: Don't follow these bloggers anymore. Yes, they are not telling me to be like them or buy clothes, but the temptation is too great. I have to realize that I am not a fashion blogger and I don't have that kind of budget. They look super cute, but it serves me no purpose to see it.

02. When bloggers talk about becoming a full-time blogger I have to understand that this is not my career. I have a full time job that pays my bills, and it ain't blogging.
Tip: Be happy for them (or don't) and move on. I will never be a full-time blogger and although I enjoy it, I can't give up my job right now to pursue it. I would be homeless in a week.

03. When mommy bloggers talk about how hard motherhood is.
Tip: You're not a mother so you don't know. Accept that it's the hardest job in the world and pray they get 5 minutes to themselves to pee in private and take a shower. Isn't that what all mothers want?

04. When bloggers talk about spending less money and they buy a whole new wardrobe.
Tip: So, where are you spending less money? Never mind, none of my business. Except that you put it on your blog that you'll spend less money and then you buy more things. So? Yeah, never mind I can't.

05. When bloggers give marriage advice after being married for three months.
Tip: Just quote Miranda from Sex and the City movie: "Yeah, its all so hot three days in"…And moving on.

06. When bloggers post product review after product review after product review after product review after product review.
Tip: So, they like products apparently. How much do they get paid to say that? Do they do anything else or just try products all day? How could they try that product? It's for horses. They don't have any horses, do they? Why would I try that? That's a stupid product. I think I should read something else. Wait, I can't pay that much for a hair dryer. Is she cray? She's cray.

07. When bloggers post "messy" photos and it's literally the cleanest mess I have ever seen.
Tip: No one places paper clips perfectly on top of a notebook and calls it a mess. When I do that I say I just tidied up. Why take a photo of your "mess" and make the rest of us feel bad? Am I a complete slob? My messy office has a peeled orange in it too, but not perfectly peeled on top of my keyboard. Who does she think she is? Just appreciate the gesture and move on. They tried to make a point, and it didn't work.

08. When bloggers say they may be an alcoholic…
Tip: I'm not saying drinking wine every night makes you an alcoholic. I'm not saying it doesn't either. If you say that all in good fun, it could really hurt someone who is reading who is an alcoholic. It's not funny it is just sad. If you think you are, talk to someone you trust and don't post it. If you don't think you are, don't post it. Idiot.

09. When bloggers think they are celebrities.
Tip: You're not famous. You may be in blogging world, but you're not a legit celebrity. My question is, why would you want to be? And if someone recognizes you because of your blog, do you have to share it with everyone? Yes, it can be a funny story if you spin it that way, but just saying someone recognized you is not cool, it's creepy. We are bloggers - not movie stars, not musicians, not models. BLAH - GERS. Let's keep it that way.

10. When bloggers get really sarcastic.
Tip: Read this post and share with your friends. They will die. Or maybe they won't. Maybe no one will get it…But at least you tried. Wait, I am talking about myself right now too. So, sarcasm is funny and can definitely make for a great post. But is that all you have to offer? Is that all there is? If so, I will be reading once a month to get my dose and that's it. There's only so much irony I can take.

11. When bloggers write books.
Tip: It can be great or it can be a disaster. Either way, I don't really need to pay you money to learn how you made so much money blogging. You're you and I am me. All I am doing is contributing to the idea of making you money blogging. I don't think people have caught on yet, so good for you. Maybe they will soon.

Blogging can be so self-centered. I get it. It's part of the territory, but it can almost be considered self-worship. Are we all so caught up and pleased with ourselves, that it's all we focus on? I have to work on being less me-focused and be more others-focused. I used all of the examples above to make a point that we are just people. We have families, jobs, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and talents. But are we only using them for our own advantage or to the advantage of others?

Just think about it and get back to me.


January 27, 2014

It's no surprise that our society focuses on those who are in a couple. Valentine's Day is looming and as pathetic as it may sound, all I can think about is not having someone to share the most meaningless, albeit cheesiest holiday of the year. I can handle Christmas being single because I always envision it with family anyway, but Valentine's Day might as well be called, "Single Awareness Day".

I am not really the typical "single girl". I've been married before so I have been there, done that so to speak. I am not waiting on the one, I have simply witnessed the one walking straight out of my life and not looking back. It's a different type of loneliness. There's not the hope that someday I will find someone. I am living with the fact that I found someone, and as quickly as he was placed in my life, he was ripped out. My hope is in redemption. I want the chance to say I have lived and learned and I know better for next time. I know what red flags to look for and I know that I want in a man and in a relationship.

As I have been contemplating my unique singleness, I have reflected on the mistakes I've made so far, and I am sure other single ladies out there have to. I wanted to put together a compilation of these mistakes to save past, current, and future single girls the trouble. Oh, and judge as you will. At least I am being honest.

01. Rehashing what went wrong. Oh, guilty. The truth is, there are some relationships that end for no one reason. There may have been underlying issues all along that you both didn't see. Going through it all over and over in your head is not only counter productive, but it can be destructive. Allow yourself time to process, grieve the relationship, and heal, but once there's been adequate time let it go. Don't spend weeks or months obsessing over what you could have done differently. Learn from it and move on.

02. Contacting your ex. So, it's been three months and the curious bug has bit you square on the butt. Rather than feeding your curiosity and contacting your ex to see what's up, go for a walk instead. After my divorce I made the mistake of contacting my ex one too many times. I wasn't ready to let go yet, and I wanted to make sure that he wasn't the one thing I didn't want him to be - happy. If you find yourself in this position, do something else. Call your mom, best friend, go window shopping, throw your phone in the toilet (okay don't do that). Do anything but call your ex. You'll end up in tears eating way too much gelato in the end.

03. Rebound. Rebound. Rebound. I am a big fan of the show "Girl Code" on MTV. I think it's hilarious, but definitely flawed in their way of thinking. The way to get over an ex is not to "get under someone else". I don't think a rebound date, boyfriend, or sex partner will heal your wounds. Take this time to appreciate being single. One of my favorite parts of being "re-single" is being able to do what I want. That doesn't mean I have aspirations to go to law school and be a lawyer, or hike a nearby mountain. Let's come back down to earth for a minute. What I mean is, do what you want. Lounge in your apartment naked all day. Eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Watch the same movie over and over. Buy the food you want in the grocery store no matter how many weird looks you get. I tend to buy food you'd find at a six year old's birthday party. It's your time to do what you want and I think you should focus on that for a bit. No harm in being a little selfish.

04. Be afraid to try new things. I am a big fan of routine, but that can easily turn into a rut. For my goals this year I want to live fearlessly. That can mean cooking a new recipe, meeting new people, or learning a new skill. I have voted for all of the above. If you're afraid to step out of your comfort zone, you'll lose the ability to try. I think confidence (true confidence) comes from overcoming fear and putting yourself out there. I think single girls everywhere should tackle what they're afraid of one thing at a time. Start out simple and work your way up. I promise, you won't regret it.

05. Think you'll be complete when "he" comes into your life. You don't need a man in your life to be complete. Focus on the relationships with others you already have. I made it a point to dive into family after my divorce. I was having a hard time, and they were the only ones I knew I could count on. They cried with me, got angry with me, made jokes to make me laugh, prayed with me, and comforted me. They always tell me that I will be a great wife and mother someday, and I know they mean it. Focus on the ones in your life that love and support you like that. You may find yourself wanting a relationship less and less. You will know when the time is right to find Mr. Right. For now, enjoy life with friends and family.

06. Getting caught up in what your friends are doing. Is it just me or do all of your friends get engaged, married, and pregnant after you become single? Oh good, it's not just me. After my divorce about 8 people I knew announced they were pregnant. I was devastated. Not because they were pregnant, but because I wasn't. I knew that it could be years before I am with someone and experiencing the joy of motherhood. I grieved for a couple of months over what I would never have with my ex. It was hard. The truth is, people will be getting engaged, married, and pregnant no matter what your relationship status is. My advice would be to embrace the joy and know that you will someday have your chance. It will come when you least expect it, so for now feel how you feel, but also enjoy the special moments of matrimonial and motherhood bliss with your friends and family.

07. Thinking this will last forever. The truth is, you won't be single forever (unless you want to be). I would get upset mostly at night time and think that this pain will last forever. It didn't and it hasn't. I have my days, but I honestly know deep down that I will find love again. I have so much to offer and I know that someday someone will see that. If you have these moments when you feel like being single will last forever, just remember that at one point in time you were single before. You lived and loved your life, and that was enough. Get back to that point. I know it hurts, it's lonely, and it sucks sometimes, but not always. As they say, "nothing lasts forever". That applies to being single as well.

I hope someone finds the above helpful. I have lived through this journey for the past 8 months and I have to say that it has gotten easier. I think if we all sit and think about it, we have a lot of good in our lives and a lot to be thankful for. I think being single is more than just catching the bouquet at weddings, it's about embracing your beauty during a time of pain and loneliness. Being single doesn't have to be endured, it can be enjoyed too.

If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more like it, please leave a comment below! 


January 26, 2014

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I am up early this Sunday morning. I have been going to bed earlier, and getting up earlier than normal. I am so glad that my sleep cycle is back on track. There were nights I wouldn't even get sleepy before 1 a.m. Now, I am out before 9:30 p.m. hits the clock. Yay sleep!

Today I have so much to do. I have been having back pain again (started this past summer) and so I haven't had a chance to take down and store my Christmas tree. GASP! I know. I'm gonna have 7 years bad sex or bad luck now, or whatever. I am actually not sure what the repercussions are, but since I'm not superstitious, I guess I am safe.

I haven't blogged in a while. I have been contemplating this whole blog thing for a couple of weeks. I am not sure what it is about blogging. I love it (writing & such), and I hate it (reading bloggers' blogs who think they are some kind of celebrity). I have made it a goal this year to make my blog more simple. I am not trying to compete with professional web designers, photographers, or fashionistas. I am none of those things. I am just me.

This post may come across as boring and that's fine because I am me and this is my life. I woke up today wanting to be productive and that is exactly what I am going to do. I am already drinking my cup of coffee with peppermint creamer ready to tackle my to-do list.

This week (well the past two or so weeks) I have been working until 6, 7, sometimes 8 at night. I come home, whip up some dinner (bag of chips), take a shower, and go to bed. Exciting stuff, huh? When I am tired, I have little to give to this blog. I am not 100% convinced that anyone even reads this thing, but I enjoy it. Now that I have a few minutes I like to write about what's going on, what I'm feeling, what I'm doing. It's nice.

I am going to get on my To Do list now, but I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. I hope its restful, peaceful, and full of chili. That's what I am giving myself as a reward - a big bowl of hot chili.

See ya on the flip side.


January 14, 2014

I have been through plenty of things and one of the things that really helped me get through was journaling. I thought it was important that I have a way to express everything I was feeling.

One night I decided to write a letter to myself. Basically, I was telling myself to get my shit together. Here's an excerpt from it. I hope it inspires you in some way. If not, it's still pretty, right?


January 13, 2014

I love to reminisce. I am one of those sentimental people that just thinks about good times from my past and reflects on why they were good.

One of my most favorite times in my life was while I was attending college for my undergrad. Out of high school I had no desire to move away to attend school, and I honestly wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to do with my life. I still don't really know, if we are being honest here. There was a junior college about 40 minutes away from my house and I decided to pursue my Associate's degree until I decided to settle on a major. The junior college was easy to apply to and I could still work and earn some money while attending classes a few times a week. At the time I worked at Chick-Fil-A and I knew my managers would be flexible with my schedule since they knew I was in school.
The first three years (I decided not to attend summer courses) were spent pursuing my Associate's degree in Psychology. I went a few days a week (everyday one semester) and I made some pretty good friends there. After my Associate's degree was complete, I began scrambling to find a 4 year college/university to attend in the Atlanta area. I began researching and I applied to a few schools, but because of working so much (and a couple of significant others), my GPA wasn't what I had hoped, so my options were pretty small. I was browsing online when I saw an ad for Atlanta Christian College. I decided to read thoroughly through the website and I immediately decided to start the application process. I gathered all of the documents I needed to fill out, requested my transcripts, and sent them in. Long story short I was accepted and I began to prepare for my arrival there in the fall.
My first goal was to lose some weight I had put on after quitting cheering and working at Chick-Fil-A. I lost 30 pounds that summer on Jenny Craig and I began to feel confident in myself. I was terrified to live away from home, but at 21 years old, I knew it was time. All of my friends were supportive, but my life was about to change in a big way. When I arrived to the campus, it was small and it felt like living at summer camp. The dorms were somewhat outdated, but to me, it gave it some charm.
I met some amazing girls at school (guys too) and I really experienced true community. There were some late nights, hard tests, fulfilling classes, and athletic games. The best part was that the college was Christian and I dove into my biblical studies minor. I never heard the Bible explained to me in that way before. Everything seemed to make sense.
I also had my fair share of social drama. That part I won't get into, because honestly, it's all insignificant now. I definitely grew up there, learned to live on my own, and set priorities. It even led to my first job right out of college. My college experience will always have a special place in my heart and I will always appreciate the learning opportunities I had there.
What was your college experience like? Like it or hate it?


January 10, 2014

Happy Friday! It is chilly and rainy here in AL, but I have to say that this week has been pretty mellow. I have had to work later that normal since the semester has begun. Working for a University has its perks though. I did have a nice two week holiday break. #winsomelosesome

So here is a summary of my week.

01. We experienced some serious cold temps this past week. When some co-workers and I ventured out to lunch we saw a fountain that froze over and I thought it looked pretty so I snapped a pic. I really didn't enjoy the super cold temps. I had to run my heat the entire time and my windows are super drafty. Now that we are back to "normal", I can enjoy walking outside without wanting to wear 5 layers of clothing.
02. The cold weather did allow me to enjoy some movies on Netflix that I have been missing. I watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "His Girl Friday". Both classics.
03. Again, super cold weather = super hot, relaxing bath WITH candle. I have been dreaming about this all week.
04. I made this little ditty (not a song, but a good little reminder) and it seemed to resonate well on Pinterest.
05. I finally broke in my Simplified Planner (sold out for 2014) by Emily Ley this first full week of 2014. I think I am enjoying it! I write reminders, to do lists, important appointments, work tasks, etc. It's my catch all planner. Have you bought yours? How do you like it?
Tell me about your week. How was it?

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January 8, 2014

I definitely don't want to live in fear this year. I think the last three years of my life have been lived in fear. Fear of the unknown, uncertainty, but mainly fear that somehow I am missing it. I feel like in my life I have always been missing something. I always think somehow I am missing the mark. I pray this year the Lord will fill the holes I have in my life and in my heart. I am ready to live feeling fulfilled. I am ready to live feeling like I am living my purpose. I ready to live life fearlessly. 

What about you? 


January 6, 2014

Blogging can take some serious effort. Rather than being stumped for days and being unable to write, I find places to get inspired. Blogging isn't necessarily a thought to paper (or keyboard) kind of process. Real quality content takes searching, researching, and editing. When I feel stuck I peruse different outlets for inspiration. Any number of these may be useful to you as well.
01. Other blogs: I know this may be a no brainer, but I find a lot of inspiration for posts by reading blogs with similar content to mine. I see what their posts are about, what people comment the most on, and I put my own twist on it. Now, I don't use this method for every post I write. I certainly have things I want to talk about here, but when I am stuck I browse around and see if there's something that I haven't written about before. A good "go to" post is an "About Me" post. This helps your readers know you better and helps you get over the hump until your blogger's block is in check.
02. Pinterest: I honestly love Pinterest because there is inspiration everywhere. A lot of it is visual, but there are also posts dedicated to blog post ideas. Chances are you'll find something that sparks your interest and allows you to write something fresh.
03. What you've been reading: I find articles that are great conversation starters. Translate that into a post and you have a fresh new perspective on an issue you care about. I don't think blogging has to be "fluff" all of the time. You can certainly address an issue, perspective, or concern you have. I think it makes for great writing, and may even attract some comments.
04. What you've been watching: I love to read people's reactions to their favorite movies or TV shows. I used to read The Daily Tay's Bachelor recap every week and crack up. A lot of posts like that are entertaining and it's kind of like having a late night gab session with your girlfriends.
05. What you're buying: Sometimes it's fun just to share what you've purchased lately. The truth is, bloggers are very influential in the market. Trends are changing everyday, so share about your favorite new gadget, tool, app, or piece of clothing or decor. Chances are you'll get some hits for having something no one else has yet.
06. Tips & tricks: Do you have a tip or trick for the masses? Share it! Share your love for cleaning and homemade cleaning products. Maybe you have a recipe hack or a new way to dry your hair that takes 10 min. or less. People love learning new things! Don't be shy!
07. What you believe: I love when bloggers share what they believe and why. For me, I share about my walk with Christ, my hardships, and how I've come out stronger. If you have something meaningful to share, don't be afraid. Some of my most popular posts are from when I spill my guts. It makes you human, therefore it's beautiful.
08. Instagram: I love seeing people's bits and pieces of their life. I love to share mine, and I think it's a great place to look for blogging inspiration. If you have a funny or interesting picture share it and explain why you took the pic. Maybe you were on a trip with your family, your son/daughter did something endearing, or your husband surprise you with a home-cooked meal. Share it with your readers and gush all about it.
09. What you've learned: We've all had "ah-ha" moments. Share yours! I think great posts come from sharing about overcoming life challenges, or learning things the hard way. Who knows? You may really help someone.
10. Look around you: Inspiration can be found all around you. It can be find in a new restaurant, a conversation with a friend, Starbucks, church, Target...anywhere. Just embrace life around you and you will find plenty to blog about. Don't let your blogging life get in the way of your real life. That's the key to always having quality content.

What are your inspirations?


January 5, 2014

We are going to be getting what I call, "cold ass weather" these next few days. To prepare for the considerable arctic temps (in the south 9 degrees is arctic), I thought I'd put a little inspiration board together.

Did I mention my favorite season is Winter? I may be rethinking that now...
all photo sources can be found on my Pinterest boards
When weather like this comes to this neck of the woods, I try and stay inside as much as possible. They're even talking about freezing rain & sleet. Reading books with a hot cup of coffee is one of my favorite past times, along with nightly Netflix marathons. Of course, one of my goals this year is to cut back on the Netflix watching, but seriously, what's this girl without cable supposed to do? I also plan on making a big pot of chili to have for a few days. It warms the body & soul. What do you do when the weather gets brutally cold?

Stay warm.


January 3, 2014

The term "normal" has always bothered me. I studied psychology and counseling in school, so the more I read the more I realized there is a very fine light between what's normal and weird. I think we all have quirks and weird things that make us unique. We are who we are because of our behaviors and tendencies.

Today I wanted to share some of mine so we can all feel like "weirdos" together. P.S. Some aren't as weird as others, but just bear with me. You all know I love a good list...
01. I always check behind the shower curtain before I do my "business" in the bathroom (even at someone else's house). Even now that I live alone, I still do it.
02. I am slightly OCD when it comes to my office. If someone moves something it bothers me until I move it back. 
03. I do not like dishes in my sink ever. I always make sure they are in the dishwasher before I go to bed or I can't sleep.
04. I pin a lot of crafts on Pinterest even though I have never attempted any of them.
05. I generally wake up with a song stuck in my head every morning. I think I listen to music a little too much.
06. I could watch "You've Got Mail" 1,000 times and still never get sick of it.
07. I cannot eat fish. I have tried several times and I just can't stomach it. I love shrimp though.
08. I get annoyed really easily by inconsiderate people, yet I rarely say anything to them to their face. One of these days if someone treats me with disrespect I will actually call them out on it. No one deserves to be cut in front of in line, or have their kid run circles around them in the store. It's just rude.
09. I am kind of a loner, but in small doses. Sometimes I get lonely, but I am typically more comfortable doing things myself.
10. I get really uncomfortable around conflict, yelling, or fighting. Sometimes it will even make me physically sick to witness a fight. I crave peace. It doesn't bother me when I am involved in the conflict though (depending on what it's about, of course).

See? These aren't totally weird things, but we all have something...


January 2, 2014

I have not done this post before. At least I don't remember it, so I thought I would show you what's in my bag.

Can you handle it? You are about to be blown away, or put to sleep depending on how you look at it...

01. Notebook & pen: This notebook I got as a gift from a V-Day exchange this past year. I take it with me everywhere and jot notes down when needed. Usually they are blog ideas.
02. Wallet: This is a must obviously. I have all of debit/credit cards, insurance cards, money, license. The boring usual and not worth opening up for. I do have a thing for keeping receipts in my wallet. It's a bad habit.
03. Gum: Orbit Spearmint. It's the best flavor in my opinion.
04. You see a little Target card there dontcha? Yeah...
05. Apple Earpods: You never know when you may need a little escape.
06. Simplified Planner: I am making it a point to take this thing everywhere. The more I have it, the more I can utilize it.
07. Eyeglass Case: This is Vera Bradley and since my glasses broke this past year I guess I am just keeping in there for when I do buy glasses.
08. Medium Cosmetic: This is also Vera Bradley and I stole it from my sister. I keep tampons, lip gloss, make up sometimes, Advil, the ush.

I hope you enjoyed seeing inside my bag. I think I just officially became a blogger.

You're welcome. 


January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014. We are so glad you are here!

My butt will thank you. 

Happy New Year friends!