January 6, 2014

Blogging can take some serious effort. Rather than being stumped for days and being unable to write, I find places to get inspired. Blogging isn't necessarily a thought to paper (or keyboard) kind of process. Real quality content takes searching, researching, and editing. When I feel stuck I peruse different outlets for inspiration. Any number of these may be useful to you as well.
01. Other blogs: I know this may be a no brainer, but I find a lot of inspiration for posts by reading blogs with similar content to mine. I see what their posts are about, what people comment the most on, and I put my own twist on it. Now, I don't use this method for every post I write. I certainly have things I want to talk about here, but when I am stuck I browse around and see if there's something that I haven't written about before. A good "go to" post is an "About Me" post. This helps your readers know you better and helps you get over the hump until your blogger's block is in check.
02. Pinterest: I honestly love Pinterest because there is inspiration everywhere. A lot of it is visual, but there are also posts dedicated to blog post ideas. Chances are you'll find something that sparks your interest and allows you to write something fresh.
03. What you've been reading: I find articles that are great conversation starters. Translate that into a post and you have a fresh new perspective on an issue you care about. I don't think blogging has to be "fluff" all of the time. You can certainly address an issue, perspective, or concern you have. I think it makes for great writing, and may even attract some comments.
04. What you've been watching: I love to read people's reactions to their favorite movies or TV shows. I used to read The Daily Tay's Bachelor recap every week and crack up. A lot of posts like that are entertaining and it's kind of like having a late night gab session with your girlfriends.
05. What you're buying: Sometimes it's fun just to share what you've purchased lately. The truth is, bloggers are very influential in the market. Trends are changing everyday, so share about your favorite new gadget, tool, app, or piece of clothing or decor. Chances are you'll get some hits for having something no one else has yet.
06. Tips & tricks: Do you have a tip or trick for the masses? Share it! Share your love for cleaning and homemade cleaning products. Maybe you have a recipe hack or a new way to dry your hair that takes 10 min. or less. People love learning new things! Don't be shy!
07. What you believe: I love when bloggers share what they believe and why. For me, I share about my walk with Christ, my hardships, and how I've come out stronger. If you have something meaningful to share, don't be afraid. Some of my most popular posts are from when I spill my guts. It makes you human, therefore it's beautiful.
08. Instagram: I love seeing people's bits and pieces of their life. I love to share mine, and I think it's a great place to look for blogging inspiration. If you have a funny or interesting picture share it and explain why you took the pic. Maybe you were on a trip with your family, your son/daughter did something endearing, or your husband surprise you with a home-cooked meal. Share it with your readers and gush all about it.
09. What you've learned: We've all had "ah-ha" moments. Share yours! I think great posts come from sharing about overcoming life challenges, or learning things the hard way. Who knows? You may really help someone.
10. Look around you: Inspiration can be found all around you. It can be find in a new restaurant, a conversation with a friend, Starbucks, church, Target...anywhere. Just embrace life around you and you will find plenty to blog about. Don't let your blogging life get in the way of your real life. That's the key to always having quality content.

What are your inspirations?

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  1. Thank you for this!! I've been trying to figure out what exactly to write about because I have been itching to write & write!