October 23, 2013

I think in times of stress or sadness, the only true remedy is some good Bible and prayer time. I have to admit that I am not the most disciplined when it comes to my very broken and messy relationship with Christ. I have to be constantly reminded that even in the storm, the only calm and sanctuary I can hold onto is the Lord. I am currently reading Job. I feel like in this time of my life I can somewhat relate to Job. I don't think I am in the same shape he was at that time (thank God), but I feel like so much has been lost this year. I really want to get back to a place where I can find satisfaction and contentment once again in my relationship with Jesus. Even when I have wanted to throw my faith out the window I just can't seem to let go of my first love. I can't seem to shake the hold He has on my life. Isn't it amazing that even when we seem to give up on Jesus, He never does? He has been here all along. I am not deserving, but to Him it doesn't matter.

I think in these faith crises in life, we have to accept that at times our faith will be shaken. When things rock you to your core you can't help but look at God and ask "Why?".  I have asked several times why I have been given the circumstances I have in life, but the truth is, I don't know and I may never know. I have to admit that I am human, I am broken, and I need help.

I would love to hear from any of you who have gone through something similar. 
I think it helps to hear from others who have been going through tough times.


October 22, 2013

Dating. Relationships. Marriage.  

As a teenager I was taught from all of the angles about dating, relationships, and marriage. The truth is, I have had my fair share of dating blunders and busts. Most of which I regret. I acted selfishly, stubbornly, impulsively, and thought very little about how that would impact my future married life. I have always dated with marriage as my end game. That can be both a good and bad thing. It's good because it can give dating a purpose. It's bad because it puts unnecessary pressure on a couple. Not every dating couple is meant to be married. Does this mean all dating outside of the person you marry is pointless? No. But it can be detrimental to your future husband or wife (I say wife for all the guys who read this...None? Okay).
Now, I can only speak for my own dating experience. Shockingly, my dating journey is starting over. I am now dating as an adult. But what the heck does that mean? Does any of what I learned as a teenager apply now? I hope so. It's really all I have to go off now.

The Bible does not speak of dating. It does not offer a 'Ten Commandments for Non-Married People'. During the Biblical days, dating didn't exist yet. Marriages were arranged. Marriages also occurred between family members. Yuck. Now, there are more options than ever. You can literally walk into a coffee shop and meet the love of your life. You can also go online and you're among millions on various dating sites. How does one navigate through this giant world full of members of the opposite sex? How does one deal with the new-found pressures of dating?
As a teenage girl I was told, "boys call, boys pick girls up, and boys pay"...But now, you could be asked out by a guy and you really aren't sure if he just asked you on a date or not...The lines are now blurred between potential friend and date. It's confusing. It's frustrating. I am more of an old-fashioned girl when it comes to dating. I do not just randomly give my number to a guy (okay, once). I do not just ask a guy out that I find attractive. I also do not call a guy first (maybe a few times). Is this sounding very "He Just Not That Into You" right now? Maybe I should watch that movie again...
"Oh Jenny. Oh, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. Oh, my Jenny. Wait, what number did I just call?"
I say all of that to say this. I have no idea what I am doing anymore. I don't think I have ever really known come to think of it. Am I alone here? I am not saying I am looking for a relationship right now, but I think it's important that I set some boundaries now for when the time comes. I definitely want to preserve as much of my heart as I can, while I still have some left. Dating can bring about all kinds of complications. The best thing for me is to have things be as simple as possible. Please tell me things are still simple out there...

If not, I am staying single forever. Okay, maybe not forever.


October 21, 2013

I usually try and take it easy during the weekends. This weekend was no exception. I literally stayed in my pajamas all day watching movies, a little football, eating goodies, and planning my week (read: month) ahead. I tried Pillsbury's Gluten Free Cookie Dough. It tasted just like the gluten filled stuff, so that's a win in my book. I also was able to enjoy cooler weather and break out a scarf without having to deal with the mid-day sweat fest. I think Fall has officially hit the South, so I am excited! Just in time for Halloween in a couple of weeks! I also made some amaze-balls French toast on Saturday morning. I added brown sugar and nutmeg to the batter, which was divine. Also, add lots and lots of coffee and you have the perfect weekend!

how was your weekend? 

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October 20, 2013

Tortoise Shell Necklace // Karin Pendant Necklace // Kate Earrings // Isabella Earrings // Mix & Match Metro Grand
I have been looking for pieces to round out my jewelry collection. I used to purchase jewelry all the time, but since I have gotten older I am a bit more choosy when it comes to choosing jewelry. I tend to gravitate towards more classic pieces that I can mix and match with several outfits. Kate Spade has some great pieces (obviously), and I included some from my own jewelry boutique.

What are your favorite jewelry pieces?


October 19, 2013

Slouchy Sweater Pant  // Polka Dot Cardigan  // Women's Suede Sherpa Moccasin  // Women's Jersey Tee Hoodies // Women's Lounge Pants

I love weekends. I love watching movies, cooking, cleaning, relaxing, blogging, etc. What are your favorite weekend plans?


October 17, 2013

Sorry I have been MIA the past week or so. I have had so many things going on and a lot of decisions to make. As most of you know I was divorced this past summer which has brought on along of personal and life changes. I have been living on my own (for a lot longer than I thought I could) and I am now coming to a crossroads. Where I live right now, there isn't a lot of family or close friends nearby. I feel lonely a lot, not by choice, but by default. I went from married to single and living alone can be a little lonely. I enjoyed cooking and cleaning and living for 2. Now that I do it for 1, it's just a little hard to get used to.

My apartment lease is up soon so I have had to make the choice of where to live. I think I have a good prospect opening up, which gives me more freedom ( and saves me a lot of money). I will look at it tonight and let you all know what I think. I don't know if it will be a permanent solution, but it helps for the time being.

I still visit my parents in Georgia on the weekends. It's a long drive, but it gives me a little break from reality. They live on a lake, which is relaxing, and like where I live now it's a slower pace country setting. I always thought of myself as a city girl, but I get REALLY angry in even the slightest bit of traffic now. I think the 10 minute commute to work everyday has made me a little spoiled. I think I enjoy the small town life for sure.

Other than that, I haven't had much to blog about. I don't feel pressured now to write if I don't feel inspired to, which is kind of nice. Whenever the feeling hits, I write a post and hit publish. I think blogging should be more like that...

Anyone else have any news they'd like to share? I am ALL ears.


October 10, 2013

With blogging there has definitely been a transformation from when I first started to where I am today. When I first starting blogging, I only wrote posts. There may have been a photo included here and there, but the main drive behind the blog was my content. I am striving to keep that portion of blogging alive on this blog, but people are inspired by what they see. Visual stimulation is important within the arena of social media.

I have seen some major trends come to life in the blogging community.

Now, blogs have become more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I for one enjoy looking at beautiful photos while I read blog content. I want to see what you are saying come to life. Now more than ever, with the help of Pinterest, photos become a road map of the blogging journey. I will see hundreds of photos related to blogs and blog content. It's amazing to me how we bloggers can still come up with words to write and pictures to post. You would think by now, I would be reading and writing the same posts over and over. With blogging, every blog and blogger is unique. My story looks like no one else's story and vice versa.
I have tried really hard to get involved more with social media. I use Facebook and Pinterest more than any other social media outlet, mainly because Twitter overwhelms me too much. I think I may follow too many people. I get lost in the shuffle and can't seem to integrate myself into the conversation.

Blogging for a purpose has become so prevalent these past few years. Bloggers have been helping others in some amazing ways. I think bloggers have such an influence in our culture. With the flux of our nation's government I have seen bloggers take significant stances when it comes to debt, spending, healthcare, etc. Our world is constantly changing, but bloggers have remained informed and positive. I love reading blogs that uplift, while still remaining truthful. Faith-based blogs have immensely helped me during the last few months. It's what we do in bloggy-land. We help others. Not ever blogger is a vain, self-centered, narcissist. Some actually care about others!
Collaboration is HUGE in blogging. From brands to products, bloggers have great influence on what we buy and sell. I have seen an increase in the number of product reviews the past year or so. I like them, but not every post or every day. I tend to read the ones that interest me, and scroll onward when I see the ones that don't. I think advertising is changing as well. Prankvertising is getting a lot of attention in the media, and I think blogvertising is heading on up as well! Mom bloggers, beauty bloggers, and fashion bloggers are being saturated with brand and product collaborations. They are the items that we buy and use. This is where our world is headed. Rather than commercials -- let's talk about how you use and like the product. Genius.


October 9, 2013

living room | white pumpkins | fireplace | tablescape
I love Fall and all that it brings. If I could have it my way, it would be fall year-round. With Fall also comes some redecorating. Above are my favorites to transform a room or rooms. Comfy blankets, white pumpkins, candles, and a fall tablescape complete the looks I love!

What are your Fall decor favorites?
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October 3, 2013

I love TV in the fall. They start mid-September and I spend my crisp fall nights curled up laughing and/or crying. My taste in TV has evolved over the past few years, but my faves are quirky comedies and tween dramas. Yes, I am an adult. You just can't tell by the shows I watch.

New Girl: How about Jess & Nick?! Couple of the year, right? I am so absolutely enthralled these two are finally together. I cannot wait to watch the rest of the season to see how it all unfolds.  
Best part about the show? The quick-witted humor.
Parks & Recreation: I did not start watching Parks until a few months ago on Netflix. Let's just say I got through all of the seasons in about two weeks. So funny and addicting.
Best part about the show? Andy and April, hands-down!
Super Fun Night: Rebel Wilson is so funny and her confidence seems to soar when she is on the screen. Although she's playing a wall-flower, homebody on the show, her outrageousness is sure to shine.
Best part about the show? Her inappropriate jokes, I am sure!
Pretty Little Liars (aka PLL): Although the next season isn't starting until January, the Halloween Special airs October 22 on ABC Family at 8 p.m. I am so excited to be getting my PLL fix and hopefully we will have some answers about A and Alison.
Best part about the show? The mystery and hot guys (who are of age, by the way).
Ravenswood: I am looking forward to the mystery of Ravenswood. It's a PLL spinoff which means there are sure to be some twists and turns. Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) has been casts and I am so excited to see this character come to life.
Best part about the show? Knowing more about this weirdo town.
Grey's Anatomy: Grey's has certainly brought the drama these past few seasons. Bombs, miscarriages, shootings, accidents, plane crashes. I had to take a little break from it because everyone and their mom seemed to be dying or dead on the show. Plus, the plot to always end the season with a tragedy was getting kind of old. I hope to be caught up before tomorrow night so I can keep watching to see what happens...
Best part of the show? The couples and all of their drama! 

There are several other shows I will continue to watch such as, The Mindy Project, Revenge, Scandal, Nashville, and Modern Family. The ones above are just my absolute faves. I am also planning to start Breaking Bad on Netflix. What do you think? Does the show live up to its hype?

What are your favorite TV shows this season?


October 2, 2013

I am loving the fall line at J.Crew. Their prices can be quite steep, but the quality of the clothing and accessories almost makes up for the major loss in your bank account. I mean, a $500 scarf, maybe not, but a girl can dream. I think classics are always a staple in my wardrobe, and this fall is no exception. I am loving the retro glasses. The thick frames are modern, yet have a vintage vibe, which is the perfect combo! Silver penny loafers, must I say more? Stripes are always acceptable, as are scarves. Handwoven scarves from anywhere are so comfy and soft on those cold days. The items above are found or collected items that are found all over the world, but you can find some derivative of these items at your favorite store.

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