September 9, 2014

So, how about that blogging everyday stuff, eh? I am doing a real bang up job on that one. I realize now how much work it used to take to blog everyday. I just can't imagine how I used to do it before...I can't seem that find that old groove, but I do have much more going on in my "real" life these days, so maybe that's it?

I have been wanting to write this post for a while. I have seen so many celebs write books and their titles seem so original, except for maybe Tori Spelling's. How many ways can you incorporate your own name in your book titles? I am just waiting on her to release the next one called, "SupposiTori and Other Crap".

If I wrote a book I would love for it to be a big hit and then be turned into a made for TV movie that starred Candace Cameron Bure or Emma Stone.

I have been thinking about writing a book for a long time. The book would be about my life. Hey, I am no Justin Bieber, Tina Fey, or Mindy Kahling, but I think I have some good things to say. I have some funny moments to share and some not-so-funny moments, and I think people would appreciate them all the same.

If my life were a book, here are a list of titles I might call it...

1. Flossypants: A Real Life Crack Up
2. Divorce Is a Bitch and Other Fun Stuff
3. Sometimes You Have to Dance Like Everyone is Watching
4. Curly Haired Chronicles
5. Who Dat, Who Dat? I-C-K-Y
6. Do People Really Date Online?
7. Mac & Cheese and Ketchup: Single Lady Cooking
8. Single Ladies Stand Up: And Walk Out Because Nobody Cares
9. I Can't Hear You Over My Awesome
10. I Wish I Had Known Better

I know those sound like intriguing titles, and I mostly like how ridiculous and funny they are. And if they aren't funny, just humor me anyway.

What would the title of your book be?


September 6, 2014

Oh, childhood crushes. I had quite a few in my day. I started the crushes early, so here's a list of my celebrity crushes via the 1990's.

1. Kirk Cameron ("Growing Pains" days): Who didn't love Mike Seaver on "Growing Pains"? He was sneaky, funny, and super, super cute. That curly hair though.
2. Jonathan Taylor Thomas ("Home Improvement" days): Jonathan Taylor Thomas was my BIGGEST crush during my childhood. He was so cute and talented (maybe rethinking that now?).
3. Justin Timberlake (N'Sync): Obviously. Duh!
 4. JC Chasez (N'Sync): Second, obviously. Duh!
 5. Ryder Strong ("Boy Meets World"): I always appreciated the Corey character, but secretly wanted to be with Shawn. I always thought the leather jacket was hot!
6. Leonardo DiCaprio ("Titanic"): When "Titanic" came out (in which Leo looked like a baby) I was like, Is that the guy from "Growing Pains"? It certainly was, but in a way more adult way. #foggedupwindowscene #yowza.
7.  Ricky Martin: Yep, that Ricky Martin. Livin' La Vida Loca was my jam!
Those are the ones I most remember crushing on. Some can't even hold a candle to themselves back in the day. Personally, I think Leo has gotten weirder with age (especially his movie roles), but he is just as good looking. Who were your celeb crushes growing up?


September 3, 2014

Memories are a very powerful thing. I often wonder if my memories are accurate, or if they are the way they are because I was a little kid. I know, we are getting too deep about this...It's the way my mind works.

My earliest memory is both terrifying and kinda funny (now). So, when I was a toddler, maybe 2 or 3 years old my Mom signed me up for swimming lessons. I am not sure who was doing the lessons now, but I distinctly remember not knowing how to swim and being tossed into the pool and sinking straight to the bottom. My Mom must have been close by because she walked in and grabbed me and nearly knocked the teacher out. I am pretty sure tossing a child into a pool isn't the correct method for teaching said child to swim.

I will never forget that and often wonder what would have happened if my Mom didn't see that. For years after that I was terrified to get into any body of water, especially a deep body of water. I avoided pools, beaches, pretty much everything until around 7 or 8 years old when I took legitimate lessons at the YMCA. Now, I love swimming and my fear has totally gone away, but sometimes I still think about that experience and wonder where that tyrant of a swim teacher is now...Maybe jail?

Told you it was terrifying. Tell me what your earliest memory is. Hopefully, its less traumatic.


September 2, 2014

I am so excited to be blogging everyday in September! I am also looking forward to interacting more with other bloggers and getting back to where I used to be. Anyone else struggle on that front sometimes? I feel like since the summer time was so crazy, I am really having to work to get back to writing and receiving comments, getting more page views, etc. It will happen though!

Today's post is all about my most prized possession. I have to be honest here and say that its not all that sentimental. My most prized possession would have to be my Mac.
I know, typical right? But, its because it holds everything. I have pictures, videos, papers, resumes, everything that I have worked hard on the last few years. Not to mention it allows me to FaceTime my family and connect with people that I normally wouldn't.

I think my iPhone is also a close second. I love being able to talk, tweet, email, and blog right in the palm of my hand. I guess these are pretty blogger-ish answers, but its true. I don't have a lot of sentimental pieces in my house, most of that stuff is with my parents. I do have some diaries that I have written in for a number of years. Those entries are both funny and sad - the mind of a 12 year old, am I right? I think my computer houses somewhat of a dairy for me now.

What is your most prized possession?


September 1, 2014

Hi! My name is Melissa Faye and I am the writer behind this little bloggy boo. Since its the first day of September I have decided to blog everyday this month, along with The Obeservant Turtle. I took a much needed vacay from blogging, but I am ready to get back into it and it feels like a great time to start.

Today I want to reintroduce myself to y'all. If you're new around here, first off, welcome! I am so glad you are here!
I am 28 years young and work in financial aid at a University. I have worked there for about 5 years now and enjoy being around college students everyday. I have a Master's degree in Human Services and love listening to and helping people! I am recently divorced (last year) and am learning a lot about myself and what I want in a husband and marriage. I think love and relationships are the backbone of our existence. I think without the two none of us would get very far. 
I am a Christian and was raised in church from birth. My father was a pastor for several years and while I love church, I hate the politics of it all. I always envisioned myself in ministry someday, but I am unsure what that looks like right now.

On a lighter note...

I love, love, love Target! I could probably live there if they would let me. I am a big fan of sarcasm and romantic comedies. I thoroughly enjoy laughing and having a good time and try my best to make others laugh as well. My favorite season is fall and the thought that its just around the corner makes me very happy. Breakfast food is my fave and coffee is my biggest obsession. I enjoy reading, going to movies, shopping, blogging, writing, and I love all types of music. If I could be one other person in the world it would be Taylor Swift.
I think life is better with a cheeseburger and I would take that over a salad any day. My celebrity crushes are Steve Carell, Chris Pratt, Jake Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds. I apparently go for the funny guys.
I hope to start blogging {daily} obviously, so I hope you'll join in and read along!