September 6, 2014

Oh, childhood crushes. I had quite a few in my day. I started the crushes early, so here's a list of my celebrity crushes via the 1990's.

1. Kirk Cameron ("Growing Pains" days): Who didn't love Mike Seaver on "Growing Pains"? He was sneaky, funny, and super, super cute. That curly hair though.
2. Jonathan Taylor Thomas ("Home Improvement" days): Jonathan Taylor Thomas was my BIGGEST crush during my childhood. He was so cute and talented (maybe rethinking that now?).
3. Justin Timberlake (N'Sync): Obviously. Duh!
 4. JC Chasez (N'Sync): Second, obviously. Duh!
 5. Ryder Strong ("Boy Meets World"): I always appreciated the Corey character, but secretly wanted to be with Shawn. I always thought the leather jacket was hot!
6. Leonardo DiCaprio ("Titanic"): When "Titanic" came out (in which Leo looked like a baby) I was like, Is that the guy from "Growing Pains"? It certainly was, but in a way more adult way. #foggedupwindowscene #yowza.
7.  Ricky Martin: Yep, that Ricky Martin. Livin' La Vida Loca was my jam!
Those are the ones I most remember crushing on. Some can't even hold a candle to themselves back in the day. Personally, I think Leo has gotten weirder with age (especially his movie roles), but he is just as good looking. Who were your celeb crushes growing up?

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