April 30, 2014

I love being an aunt to Presley. I am an aunt to almost a two year old! What the what?! How did this happen already? I think once kids enter your life, whether they be your own or nieces and nephews something happens to time and makes it fly by way faster. They go from being a tiny, helpless newborn to a full-fledged little person who runs around wreaking havoc while laughing.
I love my niece more than words. Being an aunt is just so special, but with my sister and family living in different states, its hard to connect sometimes. My niece is a talker, she loves to dance, laugh, and watch the Disney Channel. She can already count to 12 in Spanish and knows her ABC's. She can kill a Miley Cyrus song and loves "Hey Brother" by Amici. She is just so spunky and funny. I see a lot of my sister in her, but I think she has the energy of the energizer bunny.
Being an aunt is just a small glimpse of being a mother, but I already LOVE it. Who couldn't love this face? 


April 29, 2014

Let's talk about that time I decided to play softball with my co-workers so I can try something new. Then, let's talk about how for nearly four games I batted several times and never ever hit the ball. Third, let's talk about the last time I go to bat and actually hit the ball, throw the bat (apparently a no-no), and then proceed to run only to realize my shorts are a little too loose. Now, let's finish this story with the fact that my shorts didn't actually fall off because luckily (and gracefully) I was holding them up with one hand while trying to run with the other. Let's get the momentum going... Needless to say, I was out. The ball definitely made it into the glove of the first baseman before my galloping body had a chance of touching the base.

Lesson #1: Tighten the string on your shorts.
Lesson #2: Learn how to run again.
Lesson #3: Pat yourself on the back for knowing that without holding your shorts up with one hand, you'd have a much more embarrassing story to tell...

I am so glad that's over. Aren't you?


April 28, 2014

Wow. As I type this I am in disbelief it's been a year since everything happened between my ex-husband and I. I am almost brought to tears, not just because its a sad time (although it is), but because I have made it SO much farther than I thought I would. I had no idea I would be able to live on my own, take care of myself independently, and be productive each and everyday. Divorce had to be one of my top fears. I always grew up saying, "I will never get divorced. Nope, not me". Yes, me. Yes, you. Yes, everyone. I am not saying divorce isn't avoidable. It certainly is. But no one marriage is immune.

I cannot wait to meet, date, get engaged to, and marry someone who is deserving of my love. I cannot wait to meet the man whose love I deserve. I am still hopeful in love and marriage. I don't think its a total wash or completely out of the question. I want all of the same things I did before, but next time I will cherish them more than I ever have. Love and marriage is a gift and should be treated as such.

So, what have I learned the most this past year? a

ONE. I am much stronger than I thought I was.
TWO. Good guys are few and far between, but I know they are out there.
THREE. Family really is most important!
FOUR. Cooking for one is hard.
FIVE. Living without a man is awesome, but sometimes I miss it.
SIX. "He's Just Not That Into You" doesn't actually give good advice...
SEVEN. You also can't learn jack from "The Notebook".
EIGHT. "Titanic" now that is a realistic love story...
NINE. Pizza and wine are a girl's best friend.
TEN. This list makes me look much sadder than I really am.


April 27, 2014

My dining room is still very much a work in progress. I don't have a lot of extra moolah laying around to invest too much into the space, however I am a big fan of using what you have on hand and working with what you got! Much of these items are from Big Lots, Target, and Hobby Lobby. Right now, I want to incorporate some color for Spring and Summer. I love greens, blues, and yellow. I think they are cheerful and remind me of Summer.

My favorite items are the DINE letters, candelabra (thanks Mom), and the bookshelf. The book shelf was originally in my office back before I moved into a one bedroom. I thought I'd use it to hold dishes, cups, and various nick-nacks. The DINE letters were purchased a while back at Hobby Lobby and the candelabra was purchased at an antique store in Georgia.

If you want to see more of my apartment let me know! If anything changes or if I make any new purchases I will show you guys!

Sorry for the grainy photos. They were all taken on my iPhone. Again, I've gotta work with what I've got!


I am so happy to be here in this little space on the interweb. 
I am so happy that people read and are impacted by the words. 
I am so happy I get emails from readers who become friends. 
I am so happy someone out there understands the same pains, failures, small victories, and fumbles I have. 
I am so happy people can be real. 
I am so happy that this blog has kept going when I thought I didn't have anything to write anymore.
I am so happy. 

Thank you.
Thank you for reading, feeling, applauding, laughing, crying, criticizing, supporting. All of it.

Thank you. 


April 26, 2014

It's 11:05 PM on a Saturday night and I just finished watching "American Blogger". This documentary follows Christopher Weigand on his journey across America interviewing bloggers and learning what this whole blogging thing is about. Christopher's wife is a well-known blogger and we get a glimpse into their family life, as well as the preparation it took before he was to start out on his journey in the Summer of 2013. I don't regularly read Casey's blog, but they seem to have a lot of  love in their family. And really, how cute are their kids?!

As I was watching I began thinking about my own blogging journey and the events that have taken place the last year. Today actually marks a year to the day when everything in my life seemed to implode. The marriage I thought I had, the man I married, the life I led, seemed to crash into a million tiny pieces, hence this blog. My blog I had for two years documented my life as a newlywed and as a social media obsessed person who couldn't get enough of blogging and what it had to offer. I shared recipes, vacation photos, (very little) DIY projects, but mainly what I had learned in the couple of years I had been married. When my marital status changed from married to divorced, my story changed, as did my voice. What I had written in the past almost seemed like a lie. What had my life come to? Was I going to be perceived as a failure? Were people going to laugh at the fact that I had made such a big deal about meeting my husband and falling in love instantly, only to be engaged 5 weeks later, married three months later, and divorced nearly three years later? What was I going to blog about now? Loneliness? Yeah, that always gets a big following.

But I had to stop and think for a while. Was I only going to blog about divorce? Of course not, because divorce does not define who I am. It is simply a part of my life, although a pretty big part at the time. Blogging became a way for me to escape. It was like I was going to therapy in front of the world. There were days I couldn't deny what I was feeling and had to write it. There were days I wanted to escape so I'd put together a fashion or home decor post. There were days I felt so rotten I had to write something positive to try and snap out of the funk I was in. Blogging became a source for support. Suddenly, 20-somethings were emailing me telling me that they understood if I decided not to blog anymore. Some asked if I was still going to blog even though my life had changed so drastically. Some were emailing me and saying that they were recently divorced and had no one to really turn to. Unless you have been there, divorce isn't necessarily easily relatable.

The thing that really struck me about this film were all of the stories. Yes, most of the bloggers were mothers and wives. Many of them are what I someday aspire to be. I saw pregnant bellies and babies running around. I saw wives with their husbands making dinner and going for walks to the local ice cream shop. I saw women with immaculate closets filled with clothes I could probably never afford. I heard stories of heartbreak and triumph. Women who owned their own businesses or who made a living from blogging about their lives. I in some ways I am these women and in so many ways I am not. Are there any critiques for this film? At the moment, no. I think this film was more about me looking back on my own story and understanding the stories of others. No, this film does not capture the "every blogger", but neither do our blogs. Our blogs are our own stories. Not everyone loves every single thing we write. Not every blogger can appeal to all women and all lifestyles. I am not a mother, so I may not appeal to a mother of two as much as an actual mother of two would. I am not a fashion blogger, so I don't expect women to come here for fashion advice. The truth is I am a 27 year old, single, God-fearing, southern, sarcastic, sensitive, funny, sometimes stand-offish woman. I have my hang ups, doubts, imperfections, and good graces. I am a blogger and everyday you can see into my life and read my story. This film was not a place to criticize or poke at the film maker for me. It was a place where I cried, nodded my head in agreement, said "yes!" and "no!", laughed, and asked myself the same question...

What is a blog?

My journey continues as does yours. What do you want to leave behind? What do you want to remember?

To buy the film and watch it for yourself, go here.


shorts // sandals // tee // tote // cross body // slip ons
The warmer temps have inspired me to put together this look for the weekend when you have errands to run, or want to go waste Saturday morning away at your local farmer's market. I think feeling and looking relaxed is key. The outfit has to be light weight (especially in the south) and the shoes comfortable. A cross body to hold cash, keys, and phone and a tote for the flowers, vegetables and fruits you'll snag (maybe a pie, too). So get up, brew your coffee, yank your boyfriend or hubs out of bed, and run to your nearest farmer's market! All the best stuff is out early! 


image via Pinterest. 
Oops. My Coffee Talk post is a little overdue, but I may make it a Saturday thing since I have some time to evaluate the week.

FEELING: Tired. I am not sure if its the two nights of softball or the decreased amount of caffeine I am consuming, but I feel physically exhausted. I assume it's a little bit of both, since I am not really in the best shape right now (ha!). I am also feeling like I need a vacation and hopefully that can happen soon. I have some time to use up before June 30, so its time to start planning!

THANKFUL FOR: Keeping busy. I know that sounds weird (and may be why I'm so tired), but its necessary right now. I am also thankful for the opportunity to relax when I need to. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of posts from friends who are now becoming mothers or mothers of two and it looks to be a lot of work (right, moms?). I want that someday for sure, but for now I am thankful for the time I have now to sleep in, use my time how I want, and did I mention sleep in?

THINKING ABOUT: There are a lot of changes happening professionally, which has stressed me out, to be honest. I am concerned about the future and what that means for me professionally. I am not saying my job is at risk, but things have been how they are for a couple of years so I know it will take some time to adjust. I am also thinking about my future professionally and what direction I want to take. I have a Master's degree in Human Services with a minor in Christian Ministries. I have always seen myself working in a church or doing ministry. Now that that isn't happening, I am really thinking about what God wants me to do...I guess I am just seeking some direction (I would love some prayers, if that's your thang)!

EATING: Well, last week I talked about my bout with acid reflux, and I have been feeling pretty good on that front. I have to watch what I eat, but I have been backsliding into eating what I was, which needs to stop. Next week I am grocery shopping and buying ALL healthy food. I am certainly in need of some detox and cleansing foods. Any ideas?

LOVING: Right now I am loving watching "30 Rock" on Netflix non-stop. It's my new comedy show. I try to balance out and watch shows in different genres. I think Tina Fey is a genius and I am loving the Jack Donaghy character (Alec Baldwin). Hilarious! I am also loving the new scents by Scentsy for Spring and Summer. My friend Sarah is a Scentsy consultant if you are interested in purchasing some bars or warmers. I am placing an order next week! I am in desperate need of a plug-in warmer and a good kitchen scent. My favorite scents are lemon verbena, peony petals, and mystery man.

How was your week?


April 25, 2014

I heard this song and immediately it struck a chord with me. I have to remember that my life right now is about me. I think its the first time I have truly had the time to focus on me. I still struggle with knowing what I want and where I want to go in my life. Most days I am tired from all of the thinking. I don't have to figure everything out right now. I do have time and I should take advantage of it.

So much of our lives are spent planning. I have realized that life certainly doesn't go according to our plan. I didn't see myself single after nearly three years of marriage. I swore up and down I would never move or live outside of the state of Georgia. I was fearful of ever living on my own and never thought I would have to. I never planned on my sister getting pregnant and having a child before I would. There are lots of things in this life I didn't plan.

Moving forward I am learning to trust God with my life. Some days I feel like I am just floating along (cue Forrest Gump music), but other times I think that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Either way, whether I have this thing figured out or not, I cannot wait around for someone to kick me into living again. I have been trying to get myself out of my shell. I am one of those weirdos that is half extrovert and half introvert. Depending on the situation I can be the life of the party, or a complete and total wallflower. I have been playing on the faculty/staff intramural softball team. Um. I haven't played softball since I was maybe 14? It's a challenge, it's not pretty, but its forcing me to get out of my comfort zone. Its shaking the extreme self-consciousness I have at times. I have to say I am a little proud of myself for doing it.

I say all of that to say that if you are waiting and letting life pass you by, stop and live it! No one has to tell you when or how to start over. You can do that all on your own!


April 21, 2014

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I took a picture of my patio this evening. I swept, scrubbed, and rinsed everything off. I want to start fresh for the Spring and Summer seasons. I know in .093593242481 seconds it will be covered in yellow/green pollen, but whatever. I tried, right?
I decided to peruse my favorite home good stores to see what I could find to dress up my little patio. I definitely think I want to invest in some things that I can keep for a while. I also want my patio to be a relaxing oasis I can step out to after a day's work or for relaxing on the weekends. Before it gets balls hot, its pretty nice sitting outside sipping on a margarita, glass of wine, or tall glass of water and slices of lime. I have even been known to enjoy a meal or two outside...
To see the sources for all of these finds, check out my Patio Pinterest board!
I think an accent rug is a must outside. It gives the space a little something extra, plus it helps to bring the space together. Floral arrangements (even if they aren't real) are a must for an outdoor area. I know I could never keep up the watering for real hanging plants, so silk it is! No patio is complete without LED lighting. I LOVE the LED string lights. It gives the patio a certain ambiance. For those times I want to grill and enjoy a meal outdoors I can plug in the infrared grill and set up my serve ware, complete with drink tray. Throw in some accent pillows and voila! Patio is transformed.


April 20, 2014

In case you didn't know I am a Julep Maven! I was so pleased with my March box, I had to share. The nail polish colors scream Spring, not to mention the perfect shade of hot pink lip gloss really took the cake! Each month I get $40 worth of products in a box shipped to me for $19.99!

All you have to do to sign up is Take the Style Quiz and Become a Maven!

The colors are trendy, beautiful, and great quality. I am still using the colors sent to me in January and February, but I am so excited to break out these summery pastel colors. All of the Nail polish colors are beautiful and there is usually one beauty product thrown in (which I love) and a little treat (like candy).

If you're looking for a great subscription for a great price, Julep is it.

Comment below if you have any questions!

Use code FREEBOX to get your first monthly box of beauty FREE!


Classic Sandals | Navy Geometric Johnathan Adler TOMS | Women's Perforated Faux Suede Flats | Mossimo Veronica Ankle Strap Two Piece Flats | Gold leather flip flops | Printed Pointy Flats 
Sometimes I base my outfit on my shoes. Do you do that? I think its important to show off your colorful sassy side when the weather warms up. Since I work full-time, I tend to buy footwear I can wear at work, or out running errands, or going out to dinner, etc. I chose the options above because they are colorful, smart, and easy. You can pair them with slacks, a dress, skirt, shorts, or boyfriend jeans. I tend to go with something with a smaller heel, but I am on the hunt for some good pumps.

The good thing about the ones above is that they are all really affordable!

What is your go-to footwear?



April 19, 2014

So, by now I am sure you can tell that my blog has been recently updated and beautified. Thanks to Amy from The Charming Studio, I am loving my new look!

I wanted to write a post and thank her for doing such a beautiful job. If you are in the market for a blog design or re-design, Amy is your girl. She is organized, easy to work with, and I can rely on her if I am stuck and can't seem to make a decision.

I gave her the inspiration for the look I wanted and she ran with it. From start to finish, the process only took a couple of weeks. I think this design will be my forever design! Amy's rates are so reasonable, which I totally appreciate! I think I am just so happy that I am able to post and have my design match a little more of my personality right now. I am feeling the black and white (as always), but I wanted a little dash of color here and there (coral and gold).

So, if you want to contact Amy and have her beautify your little baby blog you can contact her by email at Her services are also posted on her design site, so check that out here.

Again, thank you so much Amy! You ROCK!


 I was inspired to write this by Ashlyn from let it be Beautiful.

This is my first "Coffee Talk".

FEELING: I have been feeling good the last few weeks. I have only had a couple of emotional breakdowns, but I feel like the fog is lifting in my life finally. I think for the most part I am learning to cope as a single girl. I have been feeling really hopeful that things are going to change for the better. The best part is that I can control that. I am the only one in charge of my own happiness.

WATCHING: If you know me at all you know that I LOVE PLL (Pretty Little Liars). I have been re-watching the beginning of season 4 so I can be prepared for the 5th season when it comes back June 10. There are a lot of layers to the show, and with so much happening sometimes I forget. Yes, I have June 10 marked on my calendar. I have also been watching Scandal, Revenge, New Girl, The Mindy Project, and Parks and Recreation. Those are my go-to shows and I ain't stopping.

THANKFUL FOR: I am thankful for my family, job, friends, and most of all Jesus. All of the above have shown me such grace the last year or so. I think everyone has been more than understanding about my divorce, and I am ready to embark on getting past all of the pain I have been through. I am done with holding on to it, and while the scars will still be there, I don't want them to be as visible as they once were. I have a GREAT life. I really do. It's not whole or complete just yet, but the days of having a husband and family will come. I know they will.

THINKING ABOUT: Warmer weather. I used to think I was not a Summer person, but I really am excited for it. Not to mention my birthday is in June. I am just excited for sundresses, cookouts, boating, fishing, swimming, and sunning. It's really going to be a great Summer. My soon-to-be gym membership will make it so.

EATING: I have been seriously craving Chipotle, but I find myself eating a lot of salads lately. I had a pretty severe bout with acid reflux a little over a week ago, so I have been staying away from the bad stuff. I don't want to feel like that again. It was awful. I was convinced I was having a heart attack, but Prevacid did the trick. Yay!

LOVING: Right now I have to say I am loving bright colors. I have always been a neutral person, but I am itching to get some colorful pillows and accessories for the apartment to brighten up the place! I am also loving country music right now - its my new (old) obsession. I am also loving salads, iced coffee, fishing, and the other usual stuff (Target, office supplies, etc.)


I was pursuing Old Navy the other day, and saw some things I just had to have for Spring and Summer.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 //
I can't wait to style these pieces and show them off to y'all! I think I will be living in dresses once the warmer (hot hot) weather hits us down South. They are light, cool, and easy. Plus, the cute pattern makes it more interesting and all the more effortless. I can literally throw one of these dresses on, top it off with a cardigan or blazer, slip on some flats or wedges, and I am on my way. I was also in the market for a cross-body, but let's be real, I still need enough room to pack my life in it.

Right now at Old Navy you can get 30% off online or in-store, and 35% off using your Old Navy card. Head on over! Spring is calling.


Nearly a year my whole life changed and my world seemed to be thrown upside down. I wasn't anticipating the backlash. At first I was relieved, then sad, then angry, then sad again, then accepting, then angry. Honestly, the list of emotions I felt goes on and on...

Now, that its been nearly a year I feel as though it's time to start getting my life back. I can no longer cling to my anger, or loneliness, or sadness any longer. It's time to take action. There are a lot of self-help books out there and inspirational quotes, but its difficult to know which ones to take heed to. There's the good ole, "These things take time. Take your time. It will work itself out." Then there's, "Fight for what you have. Fight for what you want. Fight for what you need". Then theres, "Listen to your heart. Listen to your gut. Listen to your head." What am I supposed to do? Will everything work itself out? Should I fight more? Fight less? Listen to my heart or my gut or my head?

The truth is, I can't listen to all of these things because if I did I would be half crazy by now. Everyone heals in their own time and everyone copes with life's struggles differently. If you've ever experienced divorce, or losing a loved one, or received a scary diagnosis, or all of the above, you understand the toll in which these things can take.

The truth is, I can do almost anything I want in my life. I can live anywhere, I can work anywhere (don't get me wrong, I know the state of the economy), I can do anything. Now, if I could just figure out what all of that is. I know that I can't figure these things out in one day. I know that I have a lot of praying and seeking to do. I have been really trying to focus on balancing everything while still trying to deal with the stress of living alone, paying all of my bills alone, getting healthier, losing weight, etc.

So, how about some advice? What do you do when things get difficult? 


April 12, 2014

Can I just say I love my iPhone? I honestly don't know how I lived without one. It can hold precious moments, memories, food photos, the monotonous and mundane, photos of the lake and boats. Here are a few photos I wanted to share.

monogrammed mason jar from Crystal Faye/ Naked palette/getting tire fixed/grocery list with gold glitter tape/niece/Starbs/lake/new Kate Spade readers/latte & J.Crew/BH concealer palette/boating/Chipotle (favorite)

This is life according to my iPhone.

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