April 21, 2014

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I took a picture of my patio this evening. I swept, scrubbed, and rinsed everything off. I want to start fresh for the Spring and Summer seasons. I know in .093593242481 seconds it will be covered in yellow/green pollen, but whatever. I tried, right?
I decided to peruse my favorite home good stores to see what I could find to dress up my little patio. I definitely think I want to invest in some things that I can keep for a while. I also want my patio to be a relaxing oasis I can step out to after a day's work or for relaxing on the weekends. Before it gets balls hot, its pretty nice sitting outside sipping on a margarita, glass of wine, or tall glass of water and slices of lime. I have even been known to enjoy a meal or two outside...
To see the sources for all of these finds, check out my Patio Pinterest board!
I think an accent rug is a must outside. It gives the space a little something extra, plus it helps to bring the space together. Floral arrangements (even if they aren't real) are a must for an outdoor area. I know I could never keep up the watering for real hanging plants, so silk it is! No patio is complete without LED lighting. I LOVE the LED string lights. It gives the patio a certain ambiance. For those times I want to grill and enjoy a meal outdoors I can plug in the infrared grill and set up my serve ware, complete with drink tray. Throw in some accent pillows and voila! Patio is transformed.

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  1. Definitely need some led lights! I plan on putting some on our fence during the summer :)