April 19, 2014

Nearly a year my whole life changed and my world seemed to be thrown upside down. I wasn't anticipating the backlash. At first I was relieved, then sad, then angry, then sad again, then accepting, then angry. Honestly, the list of emotions I felt goes on and on...

Now, that its been nearly a year I feel as though it's time to start getting my life back. I can no longer cling to my anger, or loneliness, or sadness any longer. It's time to take action. There are a lot of self-help books out there and inspirational quotes, but its difficult to know which ones to take heed to. There's the good ole, "These things take time. Take your time. It will work itself out." Then there's, "Fight for what you have. Fight for what you want. Fight for what you need". Then theres, "Listen to your heart. Listen to your gut. Listen to your head." What am I supposed to do? Will everything work itself out? Should I fight more? Fight less? Listen to my heart or my gut or my head?

The truth is, I can't listen to all of these things because if I did I would be half crazy by now. Everyone heals in their own time and everyone copes with life's struggles differently. If you've ever experienced divorce, or losing a loved one, or received a scary diagnosis, or all of the above, you understand the toll in which these things can take.

The truth is, I can do almost anything I want in my life. I can live anywhere, I can work anywhere (don't get me wrong, I know the state of the economy), I can do anything. Now, if I could just figure out what all of that is. I know that I can't figure these things out in one day. I know that I have a lot of praying and seeking to do. I have been really trying to focus on balancing everything while still trying to deal with the stress of living alone, paying all of my bills alone, getting healthier, losing weight, etc.

So, how about some advice? What do you do when things get difficult? 

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