January 3, 2014

The term "normal" has always bothered me. I studied psychology and counseling in school, so the more I read the more I realized there is a very fine light between what's normal and weird. I think we all have quirks and weird things that make us unique. We are who we are because of our behaviors and tendencies.

Today I wanted to share some of mine so we can all feel like "weirdos" together. P.S. Some aren't as weird as others, but just bear with me. You all know I love a good list...
01. I always check behind the shower curtain before I do my "business" in the bathroom (even at someone else's house). Even now that I live alone, I still do it.
02. I am slightly OCD when it comes to my office. If someone moves something it bothers me until I move it back. 
03. I do not like dishes in my sink ever. I always make sure they are in the dishwasher before I go to bed or I can't sleep.
04. I pin a lot of crafts on Pinterest even though I have never attempted any of them.
05. I generally wake up with a song stuck in my head every morning. I think I listen to music a little too much.
06. I could watch "You've Got Mail" 1,000 times and still never get sick of it.
07. I cannot eat fish. I have tried several times and I just can't stomach it. I love shrimp though.
08. I get annoyed really easily by inconsiderate people, yet I rarely say anything to them to their face. One of these days if someone treats me with disrespect I will actually call them out on it. No one deserves to be cut in front of in line, or have their kid run circles around them in the store. It's just rude.
09. I am kind of a loner, but in small doses. Sometimes I get lonely, but I am typically more comfortable doing things myself.
10. I get really uncomfortable around conflict, yelling, or fighting. Sometimes it will even make me physically sick to witness a fight. I crave peace. It doesn't bother me when I am involved in the conflict though (depending on what it's about, of course).

See? These aren't totally weird things, but we all have something...


  1. How can you be weird if others do it too? Isn't weird the new normal? Anyway, I totally do #3,#4, and #8-10. See - we'll be weird together.

  2. I used to check behind the shower curtain too! Somehow I stopped though. And I also HATE conflict. I love reading about everyone's little quirks... I actually have a similar post planned for later this month on my blog :)

  3. i love jess! I am loner in small doses too. I need my space :)

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