January 31, 2014

So, its no surprise that we have had a fair share of winter weather this week. I live on the AL/GA line so a little bit of everything - freezing rain, sleet, and eventually a dusting of powdery snowflakes. What I didn't plan on seeing were the comments about how unprepared, ill-minded, and over-dramatic ATL was due to this winter storm madness. I saw comment after comment on Twitter, and eventually I just had to say screw it and move on.
Yes, it was just a little snow, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was black ice and a large population commuting to get home safely. This isn't the first time this has happened here. Every few years or so we are plagued with this kind of weather, and it's usually the same result every time. I don't wanna play the blame game, because really, that doesn't solve anything. Will this probably happen again? Yes. But ATL will survive and get through it, just as they always have. (Referencing Snow Jam '82, Blizzard of '93, and ice storms of every other year after).

I had some fun in the snow and I honestly enjoyed the days off. I was productive, but also took advantage of the relaxation time. I watched too many movies, ate chili, and drank way too much coffee. A couple of friends and I also ventured outside to take some "snow day" photos! Enjoy!
Excited much?!

Snow in the eyes. Feels great!
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 Have you enjoyed the snow?

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