January 29, 2014

+This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. Simple Bank does not know about this post, or who I am.

I have a new bank, and I am in love. I found Simple Bank via Facebook on a sponsored ad in my newsfeed. I saw the picture of the pretty white Simple card, and being that I am attracted to a simpler aesthetic I decided to click the ad.

I began reading about Simple and I got really excited. For one, I was a current Wells Fargo customer and was unhappy with the service, fees, etc. I don't have a branch nearby so I do all of my banking online anyway. Simple allows you to bank freely without being tied to a specific branch, or cluster of ATMs.
One of the first things that caught my eye was the ability to set aside money for specific purposes. Simple calls them "Goals" and they can be whatever you want. You can set aside money for your monthly rent, vacation, savings, credit card, loan, etc. Each day a little from your account gets transferred into the Goal account and you don't have to do a thing. It's all done for you. When you set up your Goal, you give it a name, an amount, and a time period you'd like to have your Goal amount saved. So, let's say you want to save up for a vacation. You want to set aside $700 in four months. Simple will calculate the daily amount to be set aside to save $700 in four months and it transfers the funds to that Goal account daily. In four months you have saved up $700 instantly. Isn't that awesome?!  The best part is, you can pause your Goal account, or archive it, and those funds will go right back into your "Safe to Spend" category.

The "Safe to Spend" category is like your available balance, but all of your pending or scheduled purchases are already calculated in. It's literally the amount of money you have that is safe to spend. No more having to calculate it in your head, it's done for you!

Another neat thing about Simple is their Customer Service. You can send a message (similar to an instant message) or you can call their Customer Service line and speak to someone in less than a minute. No need to search for their Customer Service number, it's right inside the app. You just click "Call Customer Service". I've literally not had to wait for longer than a minute to speak with a representative. They answer, I ask my question, and they answer it right then and there. They also talk to me like a person and not a client they are trying to impress. They tell me to have a "beautiful day", which I kind of love and I feel like they are really there for me. It's nice.

Need to send a check? No problem. You can send a check by mail for free straight from Simple. You put in the amount, the payee, and bam you can send a check instantly. It's pre-signed and authorized so the check is always accepted by vendors, bill collectors, friends, anyone at any bank!
Let's say you have a friend who is also a Simple customer. You can send money back and forth instantly with no fee. It's just like your transferring from your own account, that's how quick it is. You can also mobile deposit checks using your smart phone (which I love). If you need cash at any point you can go to one of the 55,000 fee free ATMs and withdrawal cash. On your smartphone you can find one of the fee free ATMs right in the Simple app. There are no overdraft, minimum, or monthly fees so you can rest easier knowing there are no surprises.
My favorite thing about Simple is the ability to budget my money right in the app. I need to see how much and where my money is going, and this has helped me spend much smarter. I also receive an alert to my smartphone every time I make a purchase. If something pops up I don't recognize, I can block my card right on the spot in the app and give Simple a call to resolve the issue. This comes in handy if you forget your card at a store or restaurant and unauthorized purchases are made. You can also block your card whenever you don't want to use it like on vacation or if you just need to restrict your spending. It's great!

If you have any questions about Simple, ask below!

If you're ready to sign up like I was, here's the link to get started!

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