October 10, 2013

With blogging there has definitely been a transformation from when I first started to where I am today. When I first starting blogging, I only wrote posts. There may have been a photo included here and there, but the main drive behind the blog was my content. I am striving to keep that portion of blogging alive on this blog, but people are inspired by what they see. Visual stimulation is important within the arena of social media.

I have seen some major trends come to life in the blogging community.

Now, blogs have become more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I for one enjoy looking at beautiful photos while I read blog content. I want to see what you are saying come to life. Now more than ever, with the help of Pinterest, photos become a road map of the blogging journey. I will see hundreds of photos related to blogs and blog content. It's amazing to me how we bloggers can still come up with words to write and pictures to post. You would think by now, I would be reading and writing the same posts over and over. With blogging, every blog and blogger is unique. My story looks like no one else's story and vice versa.
I have tried really hard to get involved more with social media. I use Facebook and Pinterest more than any other social media outlet, mainly because Twitter overwhelms me too much. I think I may follow too many people. I get lost in the shuffle and can't seem to integrate myself into the conversation.

Blogging for a purpose has become so prevalent these past few years. Bloggers have been helping others in some amazing ways. I think bloggers have such an influence in our culture. With the flux of our nation's government I have seen bloggers take significant stances when it comes to debt, spending, healthcare, etc. Our world is constantly changing, but bloggers have remained informed and positive. I love reading blogs that uplift, while still remaining truthful. Faith-based blogs have immensely helped me during the last few months. It's what we do in bloggy-land. We help others. Not ever blogger is a vain, self-centered, narcissist. Some actually care about others!
Collaboration is HUGE in blogging. From brands to products, bloggers have great influence on what we buy and sell. I have seen an increase in the number of product reviews the past year or so. I like them, but not every post or every day. I tend to read the ones that interest me, and scroll onward when I see the ones that don't. I think advertising is changing as well. Prankvertising is getting a lot of attention in the media, and I think blogvertising is heading on up as well! Mom bloggers, beauty bloggers, and fashion bloggers are being saturated with brand and product collaborations. They are the items that we buy and use. This is where our world is headed. Rather than commercials -- let's talk about how you use and like the product. Genius.

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