January 10, 2014

Happy Friday! It is chilly and rainy here in AL, but I have to say that this week has been pretty mellow. I have had to work later that normal since the semester has begun. Working for a University has its perks though. I did have a nice two week holiday break. #winsomelosesome

So here is a summary of my week.

01. We experienced some serious cold temps this past week. When some co-workers and I ventured out to lunch we saw a fountain that froze over and I thought it looked pretty so I snapped a pic. I really didn't enjoy the super cold temps. I had to run my heat the entire time and my windows are super drafty. Now that we are back to "normal", I can enjoy walking outside without wanting to wear 5 layers of clothing.
02. The cold weather did allow me to enjoy some movies on Netflix that I have been missing. I watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "His Girl Friday". Both classics.
03. Again, super cold weather = super hot, relaxing bath WITH candle. I have been dreaming about this all week.
04. I made this little ditty (not a song, but a good little reminder) and it seemed to resonate well on Pinterest.
05. I finally broke in my Simplified Planner (sold out for 2014) by Emily Ley this first full week of 2014. I think I am enjoying it! I write reminders, to do lists, important appointments, work tasks, etc. It's my catch all planner. Have you bought yours? How do you like it?
Tell me about your week. How was it?

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  1. I think you should start watching Netflix on a bigger screen. It'll change your life, I swear.

  2. bath with candles - I try to do this at least once a week.

    netflix - I miss having internet at home for this reason!