April 26, 2014

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Oops. My Coffee Talk post is a little overdue, but I may make it a Saturday thing since I have some time to evaluate the week.

FEELING: Tired. I am not sure if its the two nights of softball or the decreased amount of caffeine I am consuming, but I feel physically exhausted. I assume it's a little bit of both, since I am not really in the best shape right now (ha!). I am also feeling like I need a vacation and hopefully that can happen soon. I have some time to use up before June 30, so its time to start planning!

THANKFUL FOR: Keeping busy. I know that sounds weird (and may be why I'm so tired), but its necessary right now. I am also thankful for the opportunity to relax when I need to. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of posts from friends who are now becoming mothers or mothers of two and it looks to be a lot of work (right, moms?). I want that someday for sure, but for now I am thankful for the time I have now to sleep in, use my time how I want, and did I mention sleep in?

THINKING ABOUT: There are a lot of changes happening professionally, which has stressed me out, to be honest. I am concerned about the future and what that means for me professionally. I am not saying my job is at risk, but things have been how they are for a couple of years so I know it will take some time to adjust. I am also thinking about my future professionally and what direction I want to take. I have a Master's degree in Human Services with a minor in Christian Ministries. I have always seen myself working in a church or doing ministry. Now that that isn't happening, I am really thinking about what God wants me to do...I guess I am just seeking some direction (I would love some prayers, if that's your thang)!

EATING: Well, last week I talked about my bout with acid reflux, and I have been feeling pretty good on that front. I have to watch what I eat, but I have been backsliding into eating what I was, which needs to stop. Next week I am grocery shopping and buying ALL healthy food. I am certainly in need of some detox and cleansing foods. Any ideas?

LOVING: Right now I am loving watching "30 Rock" on Netflix non-stop. It's my new comedy show. I try to balance out and watch shows in different genres. I think Tina Fey is a genius and I am loving the Jack Donaghy character (Alec Baldwin). Hilarious! I am also loving the new scents by Scentsy for Spring and Summer. My friend Sarah is a Scentsy consultant if you are interested in purchasing some bars or warmers. I am placing an order next week! I am in desperate need of a plug-in warmer and a good kitchen scent. My favorite scents are lemon verbena, peony petals, and mystery man.

How was your week?

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