April 19, 2014

 I was inspired to write this by Ashlyn from let it be Beautiful.

This is my first "Coffee Talk".

FEELING: I have been feeling good the last few weeks. I have only had a couple of emotional breakdowns, but I feel like the fog is lifting in my life finally. I think for the most part I am learning to cope as a single girl. I have been feeling really hopeful that things are going to change for the better. The best part is that I can control that. I am the only one in charge of my own happiness.

WATCHING: If you know me at all you know that I LOVE PLL (Pretty Little Liars). I have been re-watching the beginning of season 4 so I can be prepared for the 5th season when it comes back June 10. There are a lot of layers to the show, and with so much happening sometimes I forget. Yes, I have June 10 marked on my calendar. I have also been watching Scandal, Revenge, New Girl, The Mindy Project, and Parks and Recreation. Those are my go-to shows and I ain't stopping.

THANKFUL FOR: I am thankful for my family, job, friends, and most of all Jesus. All of the above have shown me such grace the last year or so. I think everyone has been more than understanding about my divorce, and I am ready to embark on getting past all of the pain I have been through. I am done with holding on to it, and while the scars will still be there, I don't want them to be as visible as they once were. I have a GREAT life. I really do. It's not whole or complete just yet, but the days of having a husband and family will come. I know they will.

THINKING ABOUT: Warmer weather. I used to think I was not a Summer person, but I really am excited for it. Not to mention my birthday is in June. I am just excited for sundresses, cookouts, boating, fishing, swimming, and sunning. It's really going to be a great Summer. My soon-to-be gym membership will make it so.

EATING: I have been seriously craving Chipotle, but I find myself eating a lot of salads lately. I had a pretty severe bout with acid reflux a little over a week ago, so I have been staying away from the bad stuff. I don't want to feel like that again. It was awful. I was convinced I was having a heart attack, but Prevacid did the trick. Yay!

LOVING: Right now I have to say I am loving bright colors. I have always been a neutral person, but I am itching to get some colorful pillows and accessories for the apartment to brighten up the place! I am also loving country music right now - its my new (old) obsession. I am also loving salads, iced coffee, fishing, and the other usual stuff (Target, office supplies, etc.)


  1. YAY, so excited to see you turning a corner and banishing that fog!! Do you listen to country? If not check out the video I popped on my blog. I'm betting you'll be able to relate...Its called "A little bit stronger"

    1. YES! I love country music. I will certainly check out the video :).