May 9, 2014

It is no surprise that the dating game has changed in the last decade or so. Online dating has become more prevalent, as are dating apps for the smart phone. I never thought I would see the day that I would subscribe to a service, such as, but oh, it happened. By golly, it sure did. I encountered quite the interesting fellas from time to time. Here is a summary of these encounters...

At First Site_Marriage Proposal
Yeah, I am not kidding. A guy from Las Vegas (shoulda known) messaged me and told me that my hips looked fruitful and he wanted to put a baby inside me. So cliche, right? I was shocked. Not only did he message me (and wink the living life outta me), but he messaged me more than once. He told me I looked sweet, innocent, with just the right amount of "naughty". I feel gross just typing this. Needless to say, he was blocked soon after. 

The Judgment_Impending Block
Then there was the judgment from a fellow Christian brother that I should be ashamed for being a Christian and being divorced. I'm sorry...What was that part about judging again? 

The Fizzler_Sizzler
There was one guy I had a pleasant few conversations with online. We talked about our jobs, families, and growing up. We even exchanged numbers and talked on the phone a few times. Then, all of the sudden, it just stopped. I didn't really care which made me realize I didn't really like the guy. No harm done. 

The Snoozer_Boozer
If this guy wasn't drinking himself into a stupor every night (which he openly admitted to) then he was boring the pants off of me. It all started fine. He was polite, asked good questions, but then a switch was flipped. He couldn't come up with a thing to say, but he would still message me. "Hi, how are you? Hi, what are you up to? Hi, Hi, Hiiii". Eventually, I stopped responding because it was really leading to nowhere. 

The Tinderizer
So, this Tinder app. I don't know about that. I downloaded the app after seeing it mentioned on "The Mindy Project" (LOVE that show by the way). At first, I was so confused. How am I supposed to like someone based on a couple of pictures? Answer: Exactly. I am not exactly sure how it all works, but I am guessing they have found a way to pump an addictive substance out of the app because after I started using it I couldn't stop. Oh, yes I could stop. When I started seeing guys I knew...Including my ex! Awesome. 

So, for all of you non-single people out there. Be grateful. It ain't getting any better out here, I'll tell ya! 


  1. Wow! I couldn't imagine any of these scenarios actually happening...the Vegas guy...LOL Wow! Oh I have had a few interactions with the Hi how are ya kind who have nothing to say after that... You're right there should be no judgment in Christianity. Divorce is not ideal but it happens and God prepares for everything even the unplanned. I know you will find the right way and the right date but have fun along the seems like the adventures are funny ones at least :D

  2. Oh wow, I am so sorry! I hope you have better luck soon!

  3. Oh. Em. Gee. I'm laughing so hard right now, because Amen Sister. Amen. I have my friends perusing their single facebook friends for possible matches on my behalf. Its gotten ridiculous. Have you considered trying Match?

    1. Yes. This is where the debacle occurred - on Match! There are some nice guys, but there are some crazies too!

  4. Oh my word, that first guy! I'm glad you blocked him, that is just not okay to say things like that! Haha. I'm sorry you haven't had a great experience and I truly hope that it gets better for you!!

  5. OMG you saw your ex on there? That is one way to make a girl slam her laptop shut and push it far away. But yes, online dating has its... moments. OKCupid is free and I hear eharmony has a tendency to approve Christians more often than non-Christians.

  6. Honey that was a great post! It is hard out here for everyone. Keep looking and don't be discouraged ....the right one is out there for you.