May 13, 2014

I seriously cannot get enough of these dresses from Ann Taylor Loft. I think the colors are so classic and elegant together. These dresses are perfect for work, brunch, church, vacation, anything. You can dress them up or down, which I love. As a girl on a budget I need to have clothing I can wear multiple ways for increased versatility. And hello? Vertical stripes do wonders for my mid-section and ba-donk-a-donk. What do you think?! Not to mention these dresses are 40% off right now!

Source from left to right: dots, maxi, patterns, stripes.

There are no affiliate links in this post. Ann Taylor Loft has no idea who I am.

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  1. Love all of the black and white! My favorite is the bottom left one. So cute!! I think I may have to check out that