February 18, 2016

I have been a blogger for about 5 years. I have had 2 blogs, at least 5 different blog designs, and I have made a lot of mistakes. Blogging started out for me as an outlet for me when I first got married. I enjoyed sharing recipes and little tid-bits of married life. After I got divorced, my blog was then altered and changed to fit my new single life. I decided to share my story in case there were others out there in my shoes. A 20-something divorcee is a lot more common a demographic than I'd like to admit. Suddenly, I had readers contacting me for help. They were asking me for advice, or asking if it ever gets better. I am here to say now, IT DOES GET BETTER! Not to sound cliche, but time has really helped me with everything. Now, I see blogging as a hobby, a creative outlet, and a cool way to make some side income. I love sharing stories, thoughts, feelings, and even my favorite shops on occasion. To me, this is a community. In order to build a community, I think there are some necessary steps to make sure that your blog is successful. It's been a while since I have had some goals related to blogging, but I thought I would share them with you today.

Post Consistently
Posting consistently was a struggle for me most days. I felt like I had very little to say, and since so much happened last year, it felt like more of a burden than a hobby. I decided to take a much needed break and focus more on my "real life" away from the computer screen. I tweeted less and less, my instagram was geared more toward my personal life, and forget pinning. I did none of the above very much at all. Now that things have gotten better and I am feeling stronger, my inspiration is starting to come back. Posting consistently increases readership and it drives those who really love to read your blog to come back. I have about 9 or 10 blogs I check on a daily basis to see if they have posted. I want the same for my readers.

Post Quality Content
Posting more consistently also drives me to post more quality content. I cannot tell you how many of my posts were bare bones and a lot of fluff. I am now looking at researching before I actually post, and I really want to include information that experts, or experienced people have studied. I do have a background in counseling, and I know about some things, but I certainly couldn't go and open my own practice. I don't have the background. It's important in some posts to include quality and researched material to give your post more credibility, as well as your blog.

Don't shy away from social media
Social media can become very tiresome, however, it's the majority of our communication as bloggers. It's important to not shy away from these tools. These outlets are ways for us to connect to our readers and to each other. By not participating on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Periscope, we aren't being completely open about our lives. I do believe in preserving our privacy, buy our readers want to know us more. To them, we are someone who they can count on. Who they go to for a laugh, or an idea, or a dream. I do think it's good to limit yourself to 2 or 3 really good social media outlets. Don't try and put all of your energy into all forms of social media. The material will end up looking forced and it may not drive any more traffic to your site. 

Create posts that will go viral
The posts that do the best on my blog are about being single, living a good life, and lists posts. These posts spread like wildfire because I know they are relatable. I think creating 10 or so posts that can easily go viral can drive consistent traffic to your site. My post called, "Tips to Stay Married" has gotten over 10,000 views, 100s of repins on Pinterest, and has been shared on Facebook and other outlets. Being divorced has given some significant insight into what makes marriages work and for those that are still married, they find the information helpful. Again, this is a list post, includes an easily readable and shareable graphic, and is simple, with little to no fluff. That's what people are looking for!

Blog because you love it
I can tell when a blogger really doesn't love to blog, but does it for the income, or the prestige. I can tell when the posts are all fluff, or really don't include relatable content. These people are operating our of desperation, and not love. I love blogging. I love writing and always have. Yes, I have made mistakes and not every post is crazy traffic worthy, but I don't give up on it. If you blog because you really love it, and love what you can do for others through blogging, then keep it up! Eventually you will find success and you will find what you're looking for through your little part of the internet. Enjoy it! Do what you love!

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Happy Thursday, xx!

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  1. These are great goals! I want the same! I've been working extra hard lately on my social media. And as you said, it's exhausting!

    Be | lovefrombe