February 14, 2016

So, Valentine's Day is coming around and your index finger is tired from swiping right and left trying to quickly find a guy to take up your Valentine's Day...or night.

If that hasn't worked out for ya, which hello, every guy is probably radio silent so they don't have to get a gift, then here are some ideas for your Valentine's Day that will not make you want to dive into a pint of ice-cream and binge watch romantic comedies.

1. Go out with your girlfriends and look like a million bucks. It may be no secret that if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Get your friends together and go out for a night on the town. Go ahead and get out that dress you've been saving and those sexy heels and go paint the town red. Literally.

2. Stay in and enjoy a delicious dinner, wine, and dessert. Treating yourself can be just that. Have a  night of luxury at home. Cook a good meal, get a good bottle of wine, and enjoy the quiet. Even splurge and take a bubble bath. You don't need a man to do it for you!

3. Do something for others. Sometimes treating others can make you feel good, even if it isn't your boyfriend. Volunteer, make gifts and give them to your loved ones, or just do something that you know will impact others in a positive way. Love isn't exclusive to relationships. You can show love to whomever is in need.

4. Tackle a project and finish it. I love being productive, especially on cheesy hallmark card holidays. I think marking something off of your list makes you feel good about yourself and helps you to worry less about the fact that you're single. Do that DIY project you've been wanting to do, or maybe it's something involving work, or a new recipe you've been wanting to try. Either way, go for it! There's no better time!

5. Just go ahead and eat all the ice-cream and watch all the romantic comedies you want. So, I know I said that this wouldn't be a good idea, but of course it is. Duh! The Notebook, You've Got Mail, 27 Dresses, watch them all. Just pick ones that don't make you want to drown your sorrows and cry into your ice-cream tub. Don't watch Titanic.

Well, I hope these ideas suffice, but if not, do whatever it is you want! Valentine's Day isn't everything, and someday it may just be another day because your significant other treats you like a queen everyday of the year.


Happy Do What You Want Day, xx!

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