February 9, 2016


Loving my Home Chef meals that are delivered to my door every Wednesday. It's about $60 a week, which is way less than what I would spend going out, and it's very good quality food. I am not a picky eater, but I get bored really easily. This way I can cook my own food, know what's in it, and better control my portions since each meal is portioned for 2. I eat my half then save the other for the next night. The nights I don't cook I spend in the gym for at least 30 minutes. WIN WIN, people! If you are interested in trying this home food delivery service, click here.
Spinach Stuffed Chicken with Zucchini and Squash Ribbons
Sirloin with roasted potatoes, carrots, and red peppers
Creamy Risotto with brussels, pecans, and goat cheese
Loving my "Toilet" sign (classy, right?) from Magnolia Market. I hung it on the outside of bathroom and keep the door shut so I can look at it. Not a total necessity in life, but who doesn't love Magnolia Market?!
Using the crap out of my Powersheets and Simplified Planner. Each 1st of the month I sit down and have a mini board meeting with myself. I go over my goals, budget, calendar, appointments, and plan out my month. I cannot tell you how much stress this relieves!
Using my Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. It is amazing for my oily skin. I still need to powder throughout the day, but my skin doesn't drink it like other foundations. It stays put!
Enjoying a beer or glass of wine once in a while. I also love staring at fresh flowers. It just brightens up the apartment. I really have been trying to watch less TV at night, maybe watching one episode, but then I read or do something else until bedtime. I have also been incorporating working out 2-3 days a week, and hopefully can build up to more as time goes on. I am just walking about a mile to a mile and a half, but I hope to do more as my stamina builds up! It's exciting and it's good that I am doing more than I was, which was nothing...
Sweet time laughing my #freshfriends. That's what we call ourselves, and it would take too long to explain it, so I will just leave you with the picture below. This pretty much sums us up. We had a little Super Bowl party on Sunday night, and it was a blast to spend time together. Love my babes!

Happy Tuesday, xx.

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