February 3, 2016

I have been making my way through the Jesus Calling devotional, which I love. I am trying to be more consistent with reading it and the scriptures along with it, but it's a work in progress. It's shameful to say, but I have not been a huge Bible reader in the last few years. I chock it up to being in a Christian college and constantly memorizing, reading, studying, and writing scripture. After so long, I just felt burnt out. How horrible, right?

Recently, I have come to realize just how important consistent Bible reading and studying is. I get my share at church, but it's also important to nourish my soul with the scriptures on a daily basis. I really get caught up in life, make excuses, but I feel as though every time I open the Bible or my Jesus Calling devotional, the Lord speaks so loudly, it's almost comical (in a joyful way). I have mentioned it before, but I struggle and have struggled with anxiety for quite some time. I always keep my focus on the things going on around me, the future, what I don't have, and freaking out about when the things I want to happen will. It gives me this heaviness and it's hard to snap out of sometimes. When I read the Bible, I feel rested and refreshed. I remember that the things my eyes see will pass away, but the things that are unseen are eternal.

Everyday, I am reminded that each day the Lord gives me is a gift. I must cherish and treat it as such. The moment my eyes tear away from Jesus, the more overwhelmed and anxious I become. I have learned to accept and appreciate my anxiety. I know that sounds weird, but I think its my body's way of telling me that I am out of balance, and that my eyes need to be fixed on Jesus.

As I rode with my roommate to work today, in a terrible thunderstorm, I remembered to be at peace because Jesus is always with me. I smiled to myself because once again, the devotional this morning was absolutely written for ME! It just feels so wonderful to see and feel God's presence again. I am reminded of how much he loves me, and yet I still can't fathom the depth of it.

I hope you find little reminders of the Lord's peace today. I pray your heart be focused on the eternal things unseen, rather than the chaos that may surround you.

Happy Wednesday, xx.

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