February 16, 2016

Southern Shops
I love living in the South and I love, love being from Georgia. Just the name, "Georgia", sounds southern. If you are not from the South, here are some things you need to know.

1. We love representing our states and our football teams.
2. We Monogram EVERYTHING and we aren't ashamed of it.
3. We still wear pearls on occasion and yes, we still have junior league lunches where pastels are required.
4. While we understand state pride may not be necessary, it's absolutely encouraged.
5. We tailgate better than anyone because sometimes we still use fine china.

There are more, but it would take all day. I have come across some amazing shops that sell state pride or southern pride wear that I think are adorable. If you want to check these out, feel free!!

Peach State Pride
This site is well-known in Georgia, but I only have one T-Shirt from them. I need more! Again, I love being a Georgia Peach!

Lauren James
Lauren James takes state pride to a whole new level. Yes, everything is preppy and absolutely adorable. She recently was released to offer college T-Shirts. Check them out!

Cotton 101 - For the Guys
T-Shirts, Hats, they have it all! If you are looking for something for your dad, brother, boyfriend, check this site out!

Southern Fried Chicks
Monograms, T-Shirts, koozies, the whole nine yards.

Simply Southern
T-Sbirts and pull-overs are all the rage on this site, but you can find just about anything you want to represent the South. And you're doing it in the cutest of ways!

Happy Shopping, xx!

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