October 27, 2014

I love to personalize my own space ever since I started living on my own. I think personal touches and making your home your own is very important. I live far away from my family and much of my pictures or photos are either in a box, bag, or just chilling on my iPhone. For the most part, I don't have a ton of photos on the wall because I am renting an apartment and don't want to knick or damage the walls too much.

Living in an apartment while trying to personalize and make this space my own can get challenging. For the most part, I enjoy looking at photos of family because it makes them feel a little closer to me. One of my favorite things in my apartment is this photo block from my sister's wedding.

I look at it and think about how special that day was. I think about my BIL crying tears of joy when he saw my sister. I remember thinking how grown up my sister looked on that day and I remember thinking about how she was going to be moving away in such a short time.

Personalized touches in an apartment is so important to me. I found some other ways of personalizing  or decorating rented spaces without damaging property.

1. Temporary Wallpaper

Melissa Faye Blog: Decorate Without Damage

2. Use temporary hanging tacks, hooks, or putty.
Melissa Faye Blog: Decorate Without Damage

3. Use throws or pillows to personalize your space without hanging items on walls.
Melissa Faye Blog: Decorate Without Damage

4. Using glass prints to put on shelves or various flat surfaces in your home.
Melissa Faye Blog: Decorate Without Damage

What ways do you know of to decorate rentals without damaging walls or property? Comment below!



  1. When I was first married (over 32 years ago) my husband and I began our married life in an apartment. I wish they would have had those hooks back then! I even use them in my home when hanging seasonal items, so as not to damage my walls.

    1. That's really smart! They are very useful for hanging seasonal decor as well!