October 17, 2014

What would your dream job be? I asked myself this question quite a bit in recent months. No, I am not leaving my current job, and I am SO THANKFUL to have a job, trust me. I work with some incredible people that feel more and more like family each day. I am able to challenge myself, be around college kids, and soak each and every moment in a grace-filled, Jesus-loving environment. Some might even think "that" is my dream job, but let's get one thing straight. My "dream job" isn't just a job to me. It would be a lifestyle, an experience, a challenge, and most of all, fun!

This is a dream, by the way, so bare with me!

1. I would get to wear jeans or casual clothing everyday! Yes, this is important to me. I like to be comfortable more than I like wearing a cute skirt and heels everyday.

2. I would get to have more say in how my office looks. Don't get me wrong, I have a pretty great office now, but what if the offices were all open? There was exposed brick on the walls, a full kitchen/dining area, and even an area to watch movies on Fridays as a reward? Yes, I would have all of that! I would also love rustic wooden desks and plush, vintage (think grandpa) office chairs. Chairs that are large enough to sit in indian style.

3. Lunch hours would be our power hour. We would brainstorm, eat a delicious catered lunch, and just chat about work-related things. I know people need a break, but did I mention there's a place to watch movies on Fridays? I think eating around a table together would bring out the creative side in everyone. Some great ideas happen over food!

4. Fun and music would be a daily part of the office. Have you ever heard of 10 second dance breaks? What if this happened every hour on the hour without warning? Music just starts to play and people get up and dance for 10 whole seconds. Talk about a morale booster.

5. Women can bring their babies to work. I see mothers come back to work broken-hearted to leave their precious babe and I feel like every office should have in-house daycare, get this? At no cost to them! :) You're welcome.

6. I would get to interact with people all day long, whether it'd be on email, chat, hangout, Skype, FaceTime, or talking on the phone. I just want to help, interact, and talk to people all day.

7. I want to blog or create awesome content all day long! Think Buzzfeed or some place cool like that! Can I get paid to Pin on Pinterest? I want that, too!

8. A gym would be available from the wee hours of the morning to the wee hours of the night for myself and all employees. Who says you can't play hard and work hard...where you work...?You know what I'm saying.

So, how about you? What is your dream job?!

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