October 23, 2014

I have always struggled with competing and comparing myself to others. I think one of my struggles may even stem from this here blog (sorry, bloggy). I think a lot of my struggles have come from seeing others be successful and seeing what I don't have, and thinking I am an idiot for not being where 'they' are. You know, 'they'? Yeah, 'they' are everywhere.

The others/they/she/he/it is always going to be there. There is always going to be someone faster, stronger, better, and louder than me. I know that is true, but it doesn't make my inner self any happier just acknowledging it. I have to make real steps to overcome it. Lately, I have been embracing my body and accepting how I look. No, I am not the skinniest thing out there, but I am learning to embrace where I am and love who I am on the inside, so I can take care of who I am on the outside. My body is a reflection of who I have been and where I have come from the past four years. I haven't done my best to take care of it, but I have to remember the good things I have done and the good things about me. That is how I will break this vicious cycle.

I can't compete any longer with those around me. As a woman, I think its natural to do this. I think its natural for us to want to look out for ourselves, but the truth is, we all do better when we lift each other up. If a blogger is gaining rapid readership, I have to accept the fact that they are working their tail off to make that happen. If someone has a fit and healthy body, its most likely because they eat right, exercise, and take care of it. There is no reason for me to get down on myself when others around me are doing well. It should motivate me to work that much harder!

What do you think? Have your struggled with this before?


  1. I learned to not compare myself with other bloggers. With me not doing that and putting all my focus on my own blog it has grown a lot and now has turned into a business. Remember, everyone's journey is different. It took me since 2008 to finally get to where I'm at today. Success doesn't happen overnight. Chin up, stay positive, and remember your time will come if you stick with it, work hard, and stay consistent.

    1. Thank you! Those are very wise words!

  2. It is so hard not to compare when blogging is something we all love so much! But there is freedom in only comparing yourself to who you were yesterday!

  3. I am forever and a day struggling with comparing myself to others. I look at other blogs as well and think why am I not there. I'm trying to get better at it and see my own accomplishments but it is harder than I thought. Hopefully I will get there soon.

  4. I struggle with competing and comparing myself with other women. i think a lot of women struggle with it, but it's all about community and building each other up.