October 15, 2014

I love comedy. Its seriously the best genre of books, movies, and TV Shows. Something about comedy instantly puts a smile on my face and makes me forget about all of the bad in my world for a few minutes. I thought it would be fun to go through my top funny moments in comedy. These are from my favorite movies and TV Shows and maybe even rank high on your list.

I will go classic countdown style and name them from funny to most funny.

10. The "O" scene in "When Harry Met Sally".
Can you imagine if this actually happened while in a restaurant? I can bet I would not be as composed as Harry if Sally were doing the "Oh yeah" and "ohmygod" across from me. I would probably just resort to climbing under the table until it was over. Oh wait, that may be worse...

9. "The Landlord" episode on "New Girl"
This scene had me in stitches! I honestly felt like this would have been a hard scene to get through if I were one of the actors. It's awkward, but the way Jess and Nick compete and try to get the other to buckle first is hilarious. Just look it up on YouTube. You won't be disappointed.

8. Will Ferrell ("Ron Burgundy") in his glass case of emotion in "Anchorman".
Hilarious. Just hilarious. I don't even know what to say. It kills me!

7. Just this video from "30 Rock". I die.

6. The airplane scene in "Bridesmaids". I mean, "It's civil rights. This is the 90's".

5. Jennifer Aniston ("Catherine") and Adam Sandler ("Danny") talking about their fake marriage in "Just Go With It".
This movie is one of my favorites and I have probably watched it 20 times. I think these two should do 100 more movies together. This movie has everything. The kids are pretty hilarious in this movie too. One of my favorite scenes is this one you see above. They are trying their best to make the other look bad and its just hilarious to see them out lie the other.

4. Asian Jim prank on "The Office".
I don't know if this is funny without any context, but Jim always pranks Dwight and gets him riled up. This prank was by far one of the most elaborate and really pissed Dwight off in this episode. It had me rolling because of the extent Jim went to pull one over on Dwight.

3. Melissa McCarthy ("Megan") pooping in the sink in "Bridesmaids".

2. Square dancing sequence by Pauly Shore ("Crawl") in "Son in Law". 
This movie came out in the early 90's and I love it. To this day, I still watch it and crack up. My favorite scene is the square-dance scene when "Crawl" (Pauly Shore) goes on stage and tries to direct the mid-western folk to do a different kind of hoe down. You have to rent, buy, watch it somehow. It kills me. "Buff the wood!"

1. My number one most favorite Comedy Moment is...Will Ferrell ("Ricky Bobby") stabbing his own leg when he thinks he's paralyzed. 
So, there you have it. My top ten picks in comedy! What are yours?


  1. OMG I totally remember that episode of New Girl! Dude was so creepy! LOL

    1. He sure was! But it was hilarious!

  2. Bridesmaids and Anchorman never fail to make me laugh out loud. Great list!

  3. Oh some of these are hilarious. My daughter and I love New Girl. We even got some of the guys in our family hooked!!
    Stopping by via the Southern Girl Blogging FB page.

  4. Bridesmaids is my all time favorite and the wedding shop scenes are fall over funny!!!

  5. That Landlord episode of New Girl is one of my faves!

  6. I saw Anchorman 2 this summer and it was hilarious. I need to go back to watch the first one.