October 11, 2014

Being single is a pentacle point in my life. I have learned so much and there is so much left to learn. I love the new sense of independence I have gained and I don't want to forget it. I don't want to wake up one day next to my husband and forget what I went through these past 18 months or the months to come.

Dear Single Melissa,

Hey, girl. Looking good. How ya doing?

I hope by the time you read through this (because you will remember to) you are happy. I hope and pray you have found the love you've always wanted and though you don't deserve it, you appreciate it now more than ever. You know what its like to lose out on love. You know what its like to follow your heart rather than your head. You know what its like to wonder where you went wrong and what you could have done differently. You know what its like because you have been through it.

Don't forget the times you were feeling as though you would be single forever. Be grateful that you no longer are. What you went through made your heart stronger and more capable of loving deeper. Being divorced has made you softer. Its made your head clearer and your heart surer of what you want. You know what its like to not have the best, so appreciate the best when its there.

When you look into his eyes, walk down the aisle, hold your baby in your arms for the first time, remember all the tears that fell to get you there. Remember all the pain you went through and don't lose sight of the joy right in front of you. For you as a single girl, for single girls everywhere, love deeply, love in action, and love in pain/beauty/joy/heartache/disappointments/triumph/victory/anger. I pray that Jesus is the redeemer, the forgiver, the counselor, and the healer in your relationship. I pray the man you love allows Him to be all of the above in his life as well.

Just remember that you are enough. You are worth it. You are going to have all of the things your heart desires. Keep steadfast. Keep praying. Keep loving. Keep thanking God daily. You won't regret it.

Love Your Old Friend,
Single Melissa

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