February 24, 2015

After my most recent move, I took downsizing very seriously. I knew I wouldn't need as much of my furniture and decor because the amount of personal living space I would have would be smaller. The only truly personal space I have is my bedroom and it cannot house all of my bookcases, side tables, coffee table, dining room set, etc. I have had to de-clutter, donate, and store a lot of my stuff to make due. If you are finding yourself down-sizing, or taking on a new roommate or spouse, here are some helpful tips to get you started!
1. SORT AND SEPARATE. I know it may seem like an overwhelming job to go through all of your belongings, but this really is the only way you can do this right. I had to sort and separate my things based on importance.

PILE 1: High Importance; Frequently Used: KEEP
PILE 2: Medium Importance; Used on Occasion: KEEP or STORE
PILE 3: Low Importance; Used Infrequently: KEEP or STORE (This may pertain to items that could be used in the future, such as furniture)
PILE 4: Low Importance; Rarely/Never Used: DONATE

2. DONATE OR STORE. To donate or store can be a really tough decision. While I have a storage shed in the backyard, if needed, I have donated quite a few items that are either duplicates of what my roommate has, or its something I rarely use. While I love the idea of having an electric griddle, I never use it. Could I use it in the future? Maybe, but its not worth fighting for a storage space to keep it. We also ended up having 3 microwaves. How does that happen? I have no idea, but the microwave said goodbye. The good thing about the items I have donated is that they are inexpensive and could be purchased again in the future if I need to. I have given away bags of clothes, home decor items I didn't love, and have lent my dining room set to my sister to be used. I feel better knowing all of my stuff is being used by someone who really needs it rather than letting it rot away in a storage shed.

3. CLEAN AND ARRANGE. Once you have decided what to take with you on your move, and you've moved in, it's time to put your space together. I always start by cleaning out the room and making sure its clean before moving my things in. This may mean you clean windows, blinds, curtains, carpets, or even walls. Baseboards are big for me! I need to have clean baseboards before I fill a room. Also don't neglect ceiling fans. It's always best to wipe those jokers down so you don't wind up with dust on your bed or furniture.

4. LAST SWEEP AND ENJOY! Once you have established what belongings you're keeping, you've cleaned, and set up your space, do one final sweep. See if you love what you have, and if you don't, get your Elsa on and let it go. You may find clothes you overlooked, or a framed picture you've lost interest in. Not only will this free up more space for living, but may allow for you to purchase things you love to replace those things you don't. After your final sweep, enjoy your space! It's well-deserved and you'll appreciate your new house or apartment that much more.

What are your tips to survive your move?

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