January 26, 2016

I find dating to be exhausting. I am always trying to find the next dating app or site out there. Not necessarily because I am obsessed with online dating. If I was, I wouldn't be blogging. I would be curled up somewhere talking about good of a cook I am, or how crazy talented I am at clogging. By the way, does anyone really clog, or hike, or climb rocks as much as they say they do? I swear, if I see one more guy jumping out of an airplane...

Anyway, I do honestly participate in these apps and sites to stay relevant and abreast of the current dating scene. I am fascinated by how quickly things change. Growing up, talking on the phone or writing notes were the only ways I could communicate with the opposite sex. Now, that seems antiquated. Men would much rather text, message, tweet, or the like. Seeing, talking, and then deciding whether or not you like someone is now replaced with swiping left or right. Whatever happened to organic meeting and communicating? Whatever happened to the spontaneous conversation and slipping your number to the guy who just told you he too shared your affinity with dogs?

Times have definitely changed. I find it more common to encounter guys who are looking for "fun, a friend, or just someone to travel with". Who travels with a guy who isn't their boyfriend? I wouldn't. So, I find it somewhat discouraging that the apps like Bumble and Tinder are harboring men who are looking to connect, but on an artificial level. I cannot tell you how many times I tell the guy my sole purpose in dating is to start a relationship, and they disappear never to be heard from again.

It reminds me of what my parents used to say growing, "Remember who you are and remember who you represent". During that time, my parents were referring to Christ-like behavior, but I think the same can be said for dating. I know who I am, what I want, and what I am looking for. I am looking for a man who can say the same. I want a man who can represent Christ and represent him well. I am not looking for perfection, but it would be nice to meet someone who isn't so casual about dating. Dating to me represents who you will be in your future marriage. Who will I be? I will be honest, loyal, kind, forgiving, patient, loving, and servant-minded. I want who I am, what I want, and who I date to all align. I don't think compromise can be present when it comes to those things.

While the dating apps are fun, and they are a way to put myself out there, I am still willing to wait for the right one. I am willing to wait for God's best.

Happy Tuesday, xx.


  1. Dating these days is so tricky. It's hard to just to find someone who meets your standards, wants the same things, AND is single! I think the dating apps and sites can work for a long-term relationship, but I think you have to be up front that's what you're looking for... The same way some guys put in their Tinder bio that they're looking for "fun" while they're in town. (eye roll)

    1. I definitely do, but it's so interesting to me how they aren't looking for the same, but they end up wanting to talk to me anyway. It makes 0 sense.

      Thanks for reading, Becca!!

  2. I absolutely agree!! And I'm creeping on your comment reply to Becca and YES. I get messages from literally 0% matches and I don't get it at ALL. I'm beyond frustrated with online dating, but at least it gives me a laugh now and then. I've gotten some pretty entertaining messages. Haha

    1. I have gotten some entertaining messages too! Online dating is frustrating and overwhelming. Best of luck to you!