January 22, 2016

I love blogging and reading blogs. I also love shopping. I mean, like, I really love shopping. I love online shopping, window shopping, and shopping at the mall or outlets. I frequent the local Target a little too frequently, if you know what I mean...I have been praying and asking God for self-control when it comes to shopping and buying things. Recently, I needed to buy new towels, so I did. While that wasn't a splurge necessarily, it was an impulse buy. I decided I needed towels, so I got them. There wasn't too much thought considering, and I think I should have shopped around for better prices.

The truth is, I shop when I'm sad, lonely, or just need a pick-me-up. They don't call it retail "therapy" for nothing. While I enjoy reading blogs, especially those that have impeccable design skills, or blogs written by women who somehow make enough money to buy things all the time. But, I do find myself more tempted to click the affiliate link and buy something. Hello! I am not stupid. I know that goes into affiliate links, hence why affiliate links are included in posts. The blogger makes a little chunk of cash and so does the vendor or company. It makes total sense, and it obviously works.

My concern is that at times, I feel as though some blogs make me feel like I don't have enough. Now, I know in my brain that is not true. I have PLENTY, believe me. Every so often though, I come across a blogger that has the exact wardrobe I have always dreamed of, or the exact pillow cover I have been looking for. Then, I get to rationalizing why I need that item.
"Won't I be happier knowing I look as good as they do?"
"Won't I feel fulfilled when I receive a compliment on my dress, or that awesome pillow cover?"
"Won't other people want to purchase that thing, hence, totes making me a trend-setter?"

No. None of those things are true. I won't be happier (maybe for like 5 min.). People don't care that much about what I wear, and if everyone copies me? Um. #Poser.

The truth is, things won't make me happy. Things didn't take away the pain of my divorce, or my parent's divorce. Things won't make me richer, or look richer. Things won't get me friends or relationships. Things won't satisfy me.
I want to read those blogs less, and maybe even hang off of Insta for while. I just can't get caught up in "things" and make myself feel worse for caving in.

What do you do? Do you have blogs or sites you stay away from? Do you shop with only cash?

Happy Friday, xx.

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