January 20, 2016

Hey! How are everyone's resolutions/goals/whatever going?

Mine is going good, great, wonderful, terrible, slowly, but surely happening. I feel like about this time people throw in the towel and crap out on all of the good intentions they had for 2016. I am the type that is all or nothing, so once I screw up, I find it hard to pull myself back up and start again. For some reason, I am just super hard on myself when it comes to doing better and being better. That is why my word for the year is GRACE. I tend to give myself very little grace and not enough credit for the small changes I am making. Small changes add up to big changes, amen?

So this is a little update for how things are going, and some encouragement for those that are trekking up the resolution/goal/whatever hill.

Monthly Goals: 
1. Eating only Jenny Craig food - Not as good as I want to, but with the lack of food due to shipping issues, it made it hard to stick to.
2. Work out for at least 30 min. a day (4-5 days a week) - YEAH RIGHT. This has not happened at all. Whoops!
3. Volunteer in my city - I have reached out to a couple of organizations, but no opportunities have been presented to me thus far.
4. Host at least one get together/dinner at my home - Not yet. Maybe by the end of the month.
5. Save $100 this month - More like throw $100 toward my debts :).
6. Drink less coffee - I have been doing MUCH better. I drink one cup (no more than 2 a day, and most days 1 of the cups is decaf).
7. Completely abstain from drinking diet soda - I have had 4 or 5 this month, but that is WAY better than what it was (1-2 per day). Yikes!
8. De-clutter and finalize dining room - We have de-cluttered and now I need to decorate.
9. No social media on weekends or on weeknights after 8 p.m. - This weekend or week hasn't been that great, but I am reaching for my phone less, which is great. I also try to do it less when I am hanging out with other people!
10. Spend time with the Lord daily - I have been doing this off and on. I have a hard time getting up in the morning, although ideally, I would love to start the day with prayer and my devotional. I need to be more flexible and make the time no matter what time of day it is.

All in all - grace people. I have to remember, "Progress not perfection" in these early days of the new year. I do want to get better, but it takes hard work and being mindful of my actions.

How are your goals coming along?!

Happy Wednesday, xx. 

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