March 19, 2015

FEELING: I know this is so out of left field, but I don't think I have mentioned my confusion and shock about the upcoming season of the Bachelorette. Two bachelorettes? Has ABC lost its ever loving mind? Go for Kaitlyn. What the hell is Britt good for? Exactly. Nothing. Kaitlyn is gorgeous, actually has a personality, and last I checked she didn't BS her way through the Bachelor either. Kaitlyn is the obvious better choice. Let's just hope all of the guys on night one agree.

Rant, over.

THINKING: I have been thinking about my grandpa a lot lately. His health is not so good and he is currently in hospice care. He is honestly the best man I know. He has a heart of gold and has given so much to others. He's the man that would give you the shirt off of his back, stay days on end with you at the hospital, and give you half of his pantry before you leave his house. There aren't many men like him in the world and he's just so special to me and my family. Being sick and hearing the news of my grandpa and work being a little crazy is just a lot. I am honestly ready for this week to be over. Hopefully, this weekend an Auburn Softball game with my man will cheer me up for a few hours!

WATCHING: I have been watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and laughing my butt off. It is much needed right now with it being such a hard week. I love anything created or produced by Tina Fey and this series is no exception. If you love quick wit and awkward humor, check it out on Netflix!

EATING: Lots of soup. I have been addicted to Chick-Fil-A's chicken tortilla soup. It is so delicious and awesome for swollen tonsils.

READING: Hosea study on She Reads Truth, The Choice by Nicholas Sparks, #GIRLBOSS on Audible.

LISTENING TO: Actually not listening to much music lately. I have been so sick and just haven't thought about it.

LOVING: Fresh flowers. I need some in my life desperately.

THANKFUL FOR: Supportive friends and family. Downtime from work. Being able just to be. Quiet time. A good hug when I need it. Hot showers when my body is tired. Good antibiotics. A soft, warm bed. Sunshine to help me get over this rainy day gloom we've had recently. Warmer temperatures.

How's your week been?

Happy Thursday, xx.

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