September 12, 2013

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I have been doing this blogging thing for a number of years. I enjoy it and I appreciate both it's simplicity and it's strive towards community. I enjoy sharing pieces of my life with you and I enjoy the feedback. I was reading a post that sparked something inside of me and made me (once again) evaluate my passion and purpose for blogging.

What is it about blogging that makes my heart go pitter patter? 

Well, in some ways it gives me an outlet. I have so many thoughts that run through my head and so many ideas that it helps to have some place for them to go. Pinterest has also enabled me to get more inspired for this here blog.

Blogging gives me a sense of community. I have found a lot of support from the blogging community since my divorce went public back in May/June. People weren't putting me down or condescending. Everyone was so uplifting and encouraging. It actually helped me to get out of bed some days.

Blogging helps others. I have met some awesome bloggers that really try to make a difference with their blogs. Praying for others, raising funds, helping small business owners, etc. I think with blogging there is another avenue for people to bring awareness to issues and hope to the hopeless.

Blogging offers me a little extra cash. Divorce is expensive and it helps to have a few extra dollars. For the most part this goes to further advertisement of my new blog or to an extra expense that pops up. I work hard for my blog and hard for the money. Even if its $3. I just love blogging that much! It also gives me a way to launch my new business!

I love blogging and all that comes with it. I devote hours each night to my posts and also to growing my new Virtual Studio. That is why I want to help other bloggers be successful. It's in my DNA to problem solve, organize, and mark things off of my and your To Do list.

Why do you love blogging/reading blogs?

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