October 27, 2016

I haven’t done a Coffee Talk post in a while, so I thought I’d go ahead and share. LET’S DO THIS!

Thankful For: I am thankful for true friends, pumpkin spice coffee, and cooler weather. I know all of that sounds so cliche or insignificant, but all of these things are making my life right now. I also love the weekend, and lookie there, here it is!

Thinking About: All of the course work I have to do, but also how fast this term is going. I am really liking my classes and learning something new everyday. I am also thinking about the holidays and whether or not it’s too soon to Christmas shop.

Feeling: I have been feeling kinda down lately. I have talked about my struggle with anxiety and depression before. I think there are seasons where things are easier and things are more difficult. I won’t say things are easy or difficult, because there is always the undercurrent of struggle, but I do fight hard everyday. I fight hard to not sink when I feel like just giving up and I also fight hard to calm down and rest when I am overly anxious. I think it’s all within a healthy balance though. I understand how ironic that sounds, but I do think I manage and cope with these times better than I have in the past. It’s amazing how much counseling can really instill in me the tools I need to make healthier choices and cope in healthier ways.

Listening To: I have been listening to a lot of Jazz at work to help me focus, but I have also been keeping it country with the country playlists on Spotify. I have yet to listen to the new Christmas albums that have come out, but the time is soon approaching! I cannot wait! I always listen to my Bobby Bones Show in the morning, of course!

Eating: I have been eating better the last couple of weeks. I had been having some pain on my right side, and it was worrying me, so I headed to the doctor. I was convinced I had a problem with my gall bladder, but nothing has shown on the tests. I do think it could be my posture...I know that sounds silly, but I have horrible posture. I did have a kidney stone discovered however, so bring on the water!

Reading: I finished Girl on the Train and saw the movie, so I am ready for my next book! I am reading a lot for my classes, so leisure reading has been happening less. I would like another thriller though. Any recommendations??

Loving: I have been loving sleep lately. I know that sounds weird, but at night I have really been working to get a good night’s sleep, and it’s been going well. I do need to get to bed earlier though. I have also been loving the cooler temps in the morning and evening. My favorite thing now is to open my windows for a little while before bed. I find the open fresh air helps me sleep more soundly, plus it’s just the right temperature!

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