October 11, 2016

I am in graduate school (yay!) for the second time to finish up some requirements so I can teach undergraduate courses. Right now, I am taking two courses online at Liberty University. The course loan isn't unbearable, but I wouldn't say it's super easy either. I have some tips for those of you who are in Graduate school.

I am taking classes online, so I know it's much different if you are attending in-seat classes, but some of the same principles can apply! Graduate school can be REALLY overwhelming. Especially if you work full-time or part-time, have a wife/husband, family, etc. It can be hard to juggle all of your responsibilities, on top of being a student. You may also be required to do an internship or fellowship. In that case, you have a whole other set of responsibilities. If you are like me, these tips can help!

The first trick may be difficult, especially with little ones.

1. Keep a Schedule
I like to schedule out my study and assignment time. I work all day so I have to schedule it for evenings and weekends. If I have a packed schedule during the work day/week, then I may push some things around, but for the most part I try and read and complete assignments during the evenings and weekends. Weekends are good because they are primarily free. This weekend I have homecoming at my University, so I will be busy most of the weekend. That just means I need to cram in more reading and assignment time during this week.

2. Write out all of Your Deadlines
I like to write out my assignments due on the due dates in my Simplified Planner. That way I can work around my homework schedule. The frustrating part about being on the other side of this, is that a lot of students think the school should work around their life and schedule. When you choose to go to school, on top of other priorities, you have to make it work. It’s not up to my professor to make it easier for me. Graduate school is and should be a challenge.

3. Keep a Healthy Routine
One thing I had to really think about was my health. If I don’t keep my body in tip-top shape, then the rest of my life will suffer. This means getting plenty of sleep (this is a struggle), eating healthy, and getting exercise. For me, I have a hard time balancing work out time. When I get home I am usually pretty tired, so I try and go and get as much homework done as I can.

4. Ask for Help
Sometimes it is worth it to ask for help. That can mean help academically, or with any of your other responsibilities. This may sound silly, but even someone cleaning up your house could be a time and life saver. Ask for a babysitter. Ask someone in your class for help with studying or a project. You can definitely get others to help you with whatever you need. Just ask!

5. Find Time to Decompress
It may be a really hectic time, but there has to be time for decompression. If you enjoy a long walk or hanging out with friends, do it! Being in grad school may mean less free time, but it’s important to still do the things you love! Don’t hold back in my opinion!

Did you find these tips helpful? Do you have any more tips? Let me know below!

Happy Tuesday, xx!

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  1. Very useful post, I just started graduate school and I am drowning right now. I need to utilise these tips