November 7, 2014

Disclosure: I was approached by Lunchbox to review the Walmart Soundcheck with Little Big Town and was compensated for this post. Although I was compensated, I genuinely love Little Big Town and all opinions are my own. 

Did you watch the CMAs on Wednesday? Little Big Town won Vocal Group of the Year! It's not hard to figure out why.

I love listening to live musical performances by country artists. I am a country girl (or I love country music) and so whenever I get the chance to witness artists in their element, I get excited. I don't have the chance to attend a lot of concerts, mainly because they can be rather pricey, and I am pretty picky when it comes to purchasing albums. Being able to listen to albums, especially played by the artists live, is a great way to decide whether or not I should purchase an album.

I was thrilled when I heard about the Walmart soundcheck presented by T-Mobile, because they were featuring one of my favorite groups, Little Big Town. Not only do you get to watch a live performance, but they interviewed the group about the album. There is a series of videos in which the group plays songs from their new album, "Painkiller", and answers various interview questions. The interview showcases their thoughts and feelings about their new album, "Painkiller", and the group discusses their love for their hometown of Nashville. In fact, the soundcheck is set in Nashville as well, and who doesn't love Nashville?! The band calls the album ["Painkiller"] "bold" and "aggressive", which you get a little taste of during the soundcheck. I enjoyed watching the videos and getting a taste of backstage. You get to see another side to the artists and it helped me understand their frame of mind when they were creating the album.

I encourage you to check out the soundcheck and take a few minutes to browse other artists' soundcheck as well! I mean, can you get any more up close and personal than that? Well, yes you can, but this way is free and won't land you in jail.

In case 
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