August 26, 2013

+ I always had a curfew of 11 p.m. in high school and only a handful of times stayed out past that time in my early 20s (ya know like 3 years ago).
+ Any time I heard a story about a teenager being harmed or kidnapped it happened when the parents weren't supervising or they were out into the wee hours of the morning.
+ I was always instructed to call whenever my location changed and my parents always knew who I was with, what we were doing, and what I was wearing.
+ My mom always told me to remember who I am and what I represent.
+ I never partook in underage drinking, recreational drug use, or reckless behavior.
+ I was taught the value of hard work and never took what I earned for granted.
+ I didn't have a cell phone glued to my ear or my finger tips at all times. If I wanted to hang out with someone I called them and we made plans to meet |face to face|.
+ Growing up not everything we did or said was tied to a political agenda. Now every choice, every statement, every belief is a piece of controversy.

Can we all just go back to a simpler time?

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