August 16, 2013

I have talked a little bit about the changes that have been going on in my life. I'd say for the past three years or so I have endured enough change for a lifetime. Some were good, some weren't so good. With the good and the bad comes growth. But, I have to be in honest in saying that I am so over change at the moment. I appreciate routine and predictable. I enjoy knowing where I am going, when I am going, and for what reason. Life isn't always that way. It seems to toss me about a bit. It also seems to think that I can handle a lot more than my finite mind can fathom. 

For during this time, my faith has certainly been tested. I look in the mirror and question why God would allow me to go through so much. I often question what I was thinking, but its harder to understand God's plan in all of this. I am looking forward to the "new" in my life. I am pleased with my new found perspective on life, love, faith, and the importance of family. I am also looking forward to doing what I want. I know that may sound selfish, but I think in this time in my life it's important to evaluate what I really want in my life. What goals do I have? What do I want to accomplish while I have no one to answer to? Where do I want to go in my life? 

I know divorce has it's own stigma. Divorce seems like a failure, and don't get me wrong, in a way it is. It is the failure of a marriage. Marriages fail for all kinds of reasons. I never expected mine to fail, but at some point I had to accept the way things were. Everyday I have to learn to accept it. 

What about you? Have you experienced a time where you had to re-evaluate your life?

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