August 29, 2013

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I feel like everyone's walk in life is different. Okay, so I don't feel that way, I pretty much know it. I think a day in my shoes would look something like this.

+ Waking up grateful for another day. Hoping and praying that I make it worth it.
+ Coffee is like fire to my soul. I appreciate its availability and I am addicted to its taste and kick.
+ Work is fulfilling my purpose for the day. I do work to live, I do not live to work.
+ A compliment and a smile go a long way for me.
+ Responsibility and focus are the two most important things a young person can own.
+ Whenever I get stressed out I picture the beach. Then I get mad because I am not there.
+ When I am stressed out I dream about snakes and tornadoes. My slumber becomes a sci-fy movie.
+ I cannot understand why some people are so rude. Isn't life too short?
+ I come home to my apartment and I can say that I appreciate moments when I realize that its all mine.
+ I may be a young single lady, but its okay if you don't want to put a ring on it. Take me to dinner first.

What's a day like in your shoes?


  1. it really helps me treat people differently when i think about other's needs before mine. who knows what kind of day/week/month/year that someone else is having?

    ps. i really like your shoes.
    pps. thanks for adding my button :) i've added yours back. <3

    beautifully inspired