May 5, 2016

May has hit me like a ton of bricks. So, next month I am turning 30! How did this happen? I am so not ready for this. 

As usual I wanted to set my goals for May. But first, let's go over my goals from April and see how we did, shall we? 


Grocery shop and cook at least 3 meals per week. Did this inconsistently. 
Work out at least 2 days a week. 
Consistently tithe.
Read and finish at least one book this month. Started reading Rising Strong, but haven't finished.
Create a budget for debt reduction goals.
Get a key holder for the entryway. Not necessary. 
Get a rug for the entryway. Not necessary.
Purge clothes and home items for Spring cleaning. 


Join the gym and go to two classes per week.
Eat healthier. 
Create a budget for debt reduction goals. 
Continue reading at least daily. 
Start utilizing my daily devotional more.
See family to celebrate May/June birthdays! :)

So, I realized something about my goals. One, I have too many. Two, they are almost always the same. Three, I almost never complete them. Grace, right?!

I am all about goals and pushing yourself to be better, but I also want to be realistic about what I can do right now. You may have read my post about the 60 Day Challenge I am doing. I am not supposed to be purchasing anything but necessities for 60 days. So far, it's been hard, and it hasn't been perfect. I will say I am spending way less frivolously, which is the whole point. 

I will have two days off next week, so I plan to wake up and work out both of those days. I also have football coach at work that is willing to train me and some of my co-workers, so I am really looking forward to that. He should get us in shape in no time!

What are your goals for May? 

Happy Thursday, xx. 

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