May 31, 2016

LOVING: Right now I am loving Summer. I am not usually one for the hot weather, but luckily, I work inside all day, and then get to enjoy the outdoors as temperatures cool in the evenings. I also think having a pool this year where I live has helped. I have a healthy glow now from the sun and the salt water pool is beyond refreshing. I am also loving iced coffees and smoothies right now.

WATCHING: I am watching The Bachelorette (starting tonight actually), and The Game on Netflix. The Game is actually pretty corny for my liking, but it's something new and different. I am really discouraged by The Mindy Project (MINDY + DANNY 4 EVER!), but I keep watching. I love her quick wit, so I am staying faithful.

EATING: Healthier foods and less junk!

FEELING: I feel like life is surreal. I know I say it about 13985889239 times a day, but I cannot believe I am turning 30!

READING: Rising Strong by Brene Brown and also the news online.

THINKING ABOUT: Ways I can beat my co-workers in a monthly weight loss challenge. The person to lose the most weight at the end of each month gets the pot of $$ we put in. How motivational is that?!

LISTENING TO: A lot of new country has come up on my Spotify app. I basically love Cale Dodds, Drew Baldrige, and Russell Dickerson. Check them out!

THANKFUL FOR: My awesome co-workers and friends who have been supporting me these last few weeks. Everyone has been encouraging me with my 60 Day Challenge to not spend frivolously, and now with weight loss everyone has just been on board with helping keep my healthy habits!

Happy Tuesday, xx. I hope everyone had a wonderful, restful, and thoughtful Memorial Day!

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