June 1, 2016

How is it June already?!

Guys, it's my birth month, as in this upcoming Sunday I turn 30. It's happening. I cannot believe it!

So, other than entering my thirties, I have also done a pretty good job the last month as far as my May Goals are concerned. Let's recap!

Join the gym and go to two classes per week
Eat healthier
Create a budget for debt reduction goals
Continue reading at least daily
Start utilizing my daily devotional more.
See family to celebrate May/June birthdays 

I was so excited to actually start going to the gym more consistently. I wouldn't say I started this at the every beginning of the month, but I was a little behind on setting my goals anyway. I did go to the gym most days last week and a couple of days the week before. It's becoming more routine, so I am going to go ahead and check this one off. I have been eating healthier, and way less junk. I did create a budget for debt reduction, and even found a way to lower my monthly bills. I have been reading a lot more and trying to stay more up to date with current events. I wouldn't say I am disinterested in current events, I just tend to get caught up in life and forget to read. Now, I do this first thing in the morning. I like The Skimm and CNN news. Those help me to stay informed! I did see my family last weekend to celebrate my niece's birthday, so we call kind of saw each other, even though I will celebrate with my Mom this weekend, or next. 

I didn't tithe and didn't keep up with my devotional. I need to be better about that. Typically, when I implement a new thing, one falls off of the wagon. I will get back to doing my devotional at night since that is the best time for me. 

Finish Rising Strong
Meet up with at least one friend and catch up
Win the weight loss challenge at work for June and smoke all of my co-workers (!!!)
Blog at least once per week
Think of other ideas for 30 or 60 Day Challenges

I hope for this month to be productive, full of grace, overcoming challenges, and just being better as I enter my thirties. Here's to a NEW me!

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