June 8, 2016

I have wanted to get a tattoo for about the last year or so. I never thought I would actually do it, but you can't help when you fall in love, just like you can't help when you want to get a tattoo. I have toyed around with the idea, and even shared the desire with my friends to commemorate my turning 30 with getting a tattoo. Most of the friends I have that have tattoos got them when they turned 18, or when they were in college, or were really drunk. I knew I wanted to get a tattoo, and I felt really good about the fact that I was going to do it sober and at an age that could grasp the finality and permanence of it.

The tattoo above was a present from two of my very good friends, and it's cool to know that overtime I look at it, I will remember the moments that surround me getting the tattoo. I will always remember as a present and I will always remember that I got it the weekend I turned 30. That's pretty cool!
I was semi-tricked into getting the tattoo last Friday night. My friends Caley and Kim were going with me to get some dinner to kick-off my birthday weekend. Suddenly, Caley (who is also my roommate), said she wanted to make a pit-stop before we headed to dinner. Not thinking anything of it she directed me to a parking lot, and there at the end of it was a tattoo parlor. Do people still call them parlors? Tattoo shop? Tattoo giving place? Moving on.

I walked squealing so scared, yet so excited. I felt a bit of relief when they said they had scheduled an appointment for the following day. Thank God, I thought. When they were going over the appointment book, my scheduled artist was actually all booked up. Apparently, Saturday is the day to get a tattoo that takes 5 hours. So, the girl asked if I wanted to go ahead and get it tonight. In the spirit of not being an old lady turning 30, I said Sure!

I can't even describe my excitement. I don't think it had hit me yet until she had the gun in her hand and was about to press ink deep into my skin. The pain is unlike any other. It's self inflicted, but painful none the less. It's kind of like a series of bad flu shots over and over. The kind of shots that make you sore for a couple of days after. Here's a little preview as to what I was dealing with when my artist started...
The needle felt like a razor blade, but it was bearable. Sorry, if you can't grasp the concept. It's like trying to describe child birth. You just have to experience it to know. Not that I have given birth. It's just a similar analogy. Again, moving on.

It was so cool to be surrounded by beautiful artwork, as well as blow-up dolls and blow-up penises. This isn't my usual hang out, okay? The shop was clean, the artists were friendly, and talented. Overall, I had a great experience! Shout out to Black Lotus!

After I was done (which took all of 5 minutes), I immediately wanted a second one. I think I want to get "Choose Joy" either on my other forearm, wrist, or rib cage. I thought my shoulder would be a good place, but I want to be able to reach it when I am healing to clean and moisturize it. If you ask me now, I am SO glad I did it! I love the tattoo, the placement, everything! I honestly see how it can start to be an addiction. I am already planning my second without having had my first for an entire week!

So, the meaning behind it. I can appreciate those who get tattoos simply for the art, or the shock factor. For me, it has to have sentimental value. I struggle with anxiety, as I have mentioned before, and a lot has happened the last year or so. The message "it is well" is a part of one of my favorite hymns, and the phrase reminds me that despite my circumstances or feelings, it is well with my soul. I could have included, "with my soul", but that would have been more money and more pain - Ha! I am happy with just "it is well". I always know when I look at it, it is well my soul, it is well with my Jesus, it is well with my salvation.

It's not super original, and I know plenty of people who have this tattoo. I even have a wooden sign with the phrase on it. It just speaks to me and offers me a sense of peace and calm. "Choose Joy" is similar to me. It reminds me to always choose joy in any situation. The Joy of the Lord is my strength and my salvation. How can you not live life joyfully knowing that?

If I do get another tattoo, trust me, you'll know. As for now, it is well.

Happy Wednesday, xx!

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  1. Very cool! I want one, but I'm not sure about the pain aspect! My sister in law has 10 I believe, from large to small.