August 22, 2016

I have always loved stationary and I have always been a fan of a hand-written note. There are so many things to be thankful about and when I feel the gratitude in my heart, I take it to the paper. Whether it’s a friend, co-worker, child or family member, saying “Thanks” never goes out of style. That is why I absolutely LOVE these thank you cards from Tiny Prints. Not only are they obviously beautiful in the outside, but they perfectly showcase the thankfulness I feel on the inside.

 Tiny Prints was so gracious in sending me a pack of their thank you cards, envelopes, envelope inserts, and mailing labels.

When I opened the package, I nearly squealed with JOY. Tiny Prints never disappoints!

These gold polkadot envelope inserts have an adhesive strip that you can easily peel so it will adhere to the envelope with ease. When your friend, or co-worker opens the envelope it’s like a little surprise inside. It’s details that really show someone you care!

The gold foil stamp is TO.DIE.FOR. and I cannot get enough.

Now, let’s talk about this floral. The colors are gorgeous and it’s perfect for any season. If you are in the market for beautiful stationary, go to Tiny Prints and place your ORDER! You will not be disappointed. You can customize your stationary with your name or monogram, which hello, is super adorable. You will never feel like buying regular stationary again!

Here is how to make your stationary more personal:

1. Include your name or monogram.
2. Purchase mailing labels to beautifully showcase your name and address.
3. Use envelope inserts to give your card that extra POP!
4. Use high quality beautiful pens, or maybe even take a calligraphy class to elegantly address your envelope.
5. Always include something from the heart. Being kind, showing gratitude, and expressing thoughtfulness is always personal!

Now, go get your stationary and write some notes!

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