August 15, 2016

It’s no secret that my busiest time of the year is summertime. The amount of long hours, combined with less sleep, and more caffeine than ever can wreak havoc on my body. I know that if I go too hard for too long, I can end up with some serious burnout. Stress for me is a natural response to these longer days, but I do have some ways that I like to unwind. These may be helpful for you too!

1. Binge-watch a funny or light-hearted show. I started watching The Office again this Summer, not because I want to know what happens (trust me, I know every episode inside and out), but because it’s familiar and just funny all around. I also tend to go for mindless TV shows like Bachelor in Paradise, which is over-the-top ridiculous this season!

2. Journal. When I feel overwhelmed or stressed, journaling really allows me to get some things off my chest. Maybe I felt mistreated one day, or felt like I couldn’t stop messing up...Whatever I have endured that day, I let it out on the pages. The only ones who know what I have written are me, my journal, and God.

3. Cry. I love a good cry, but sometimes it’s necessary. I am an emotional being and sometimes letting it out helps me to feel lighter inside. Trust me, just from exhaustion alone my emotions are on edge. If I don’t let them out, they can build up, and cause more stress on my body.

4. Talk to a friend or family member. No one may understand what I am going through, but they can certainly listen, and that can help a ton! If you feel stressed or overwhelmed and need to vent, do it with someone you trust.

5. Drink some water. It’s scientifically proven that water can help hydrate and can alleviate fatigue. When I get stressed from working long hours, you can bet I have probably OD’d on caffeine as well. Sometimes I am working so much, that I forget to drink altogether, which isn’t good. Drinking more water can help hydrate, calm, and rejuvenate your body. If you feel stressed, take a minute and drink some water. Don’t chug while pumping out 20 emails. Just stop, breathe, and drink water. Sometimes the break can do wonders!

6. Take a walk or exercise. I am one of those people that doesn’t “enjoy” exercise per se, but when I am stressed and I have a good sweat sesh, I can almost feel the stress leaving my body. Cardio is best for me during stressful days, so I try and get in some form of exercise. I plan to kick it up once these crazy days slow down, which is hopefully SOON!

I hope these tips can help you no matter what situations you are tackling right now!

Happy Monday, xx!

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