October 6, 2015

Man! I haven't been here in so long. Sorry about my absence. I surely didn't mean to be away for this long. As of now, I am in my bed binging Netflix shows & movies and trying to plan for this upcoming week. So much has happened since I last blogged, so I thought I'd give you the run down.

1. Work was so chaotic this Summer. Long hours, long weeks, and finally the students are back in school and we are well within the semester. I actually got a promotion this Summer, so I am now Assistant Director of Financial Aid. Here's to hard work paying off, my friends!

2. I had some not-so-good things happen early on in the Summer. After 32 years of marriage, my parents divorced. While the news was hard to hear, it wasn't a complete shock. I am still handling it pretty hard, even though I know my parents are doing okay. I guess you just never get used to your parents being apart. I am still adjusting.

3. My grandpa passed away peacefully, but he lived a full life and I am happy that he is no longer suffering. He was a kind man and my hero! I miss him a lot, but I am grateful I knew him.

4. The dating circle has been small these days. I was in a relationship for a few months, but it ended early this Summer and it's been hard out there. Dating just isn't what I'd thought it'd be, but it sure keeps life interesting. #datingnotmating #29andfeelingfine #whoneedsmen

5. F I N A L L Y went on a beach vacation for a weekend! It was glorious and exactly what I needed. I want to take another trip (mountains?) in the next month or two. I also want to go back to NYC so bad!

6. My roommate and I are moving to Columbus, GA. There just isn't a lot of opportunity in the small town we live in, and its the next largest city in GA aside from ATL. Since we cannot commute to our jobs from ATL, Columbus was the next best thing! We move in 23 days!

7. I am really hoping to get back to making my health a focus in my life. When it comes to eating and working out, I really struggle, but hopefully I can do some meal planning and working out after we move.

8. Parenthood. The best show ever! I have been watching this show instead of Friday Night Lights. I know, I just can't get that into Friday Night Lights. Maybe it's all the football?

Well, glad you got to check in with me! Happy Tuesday, xx.


  1. Ack. I hope my previous comment came through. The just was that the mountains are only a hop skip and a jump away from where I live and I'm in Georgia too ;-). As far as the sad stuff in your life, I am sorry I hope you know I offer big hugs but I also have faith that everything is going to work out exactly how it's meant to.

  2. I'm glad to see you back in the blogosphere :)